IAE – IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

13th – 16th November 2018 – Orlando

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

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EAS – Euro Attractions Show 2018

25 – 27 September 2018 – Amsterdam

EAS – Euro Attractions Show 2018

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Ride the wave of fun!

There’s no summer without water attractions. And actually there is no funnier water attraction than our bumper boats. With Eurogames bumper boats both children and adults can drive their amusing boats on the water surface. But there’s more: the fun really begins when you start bumping your friends. This is possible in a safety way thanks to the inflatable rubber tube that surrounds the car.

Eurogames battery operated bumper boats are 100% made in Italy and certified

for use in commercial operations such as water parks, amusements park games, fun centers or open water locations. With their two seats and zero-emission engine, they are the perfect family attraction both for outdoor or indoor facilities. Powered by rechargeable AGM sealed batteries that can power the boat for up to 8 hours, all our Bumper Boats have an exceptionally solid built and can hold up to 440 lbs/200 Kg. They feature a token mechanism and a digital timer which regulates the ride functions, like speed, play time, sound effects and music.

Eurogames bumper boats are available in one basic model, the Bumper Splash and 10 character models: Willy the whale, the Crazy Polyp, Dolphins, the Funny Duck, Swan, the Happy Bear, Frog, Hippocampi, Galaxy. All the boats can be painted and customized according to the customer needs. Upon request, some of the available models can be outfitted with a water cannon, perfect for water fights. And what about little children? There’s something specifically designed for them: a fun line of Mini Bumper Boats in 5 attractive characterizations, Crocodile, Panda, Monkey, Ladybug and Tiger. Eurogames can provide full design and construction support for bumper boat pools, themed environments, props and accessories to maximize the appeal of your water attraction and increase the profitability of your investment.

Last but not least: Eurogames has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of amusement rides and kids attractions and his unique features made it well known all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the summer vibes on the water surface.

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Super funny animals for young riders!

When you are 3 years old you have to feed your great imagination. What a better way if not riding a zebra while your friends are driving a giraffe or a tiger and you all feel like you are warriors in the forest?

We are not mad, we are Eurogames, and we are talking about our Baby Animal cars that are the perfect entertainment for children from 3 to 8 years old. They run at a very low speed to allow young riders to have fun safely. They can be installed outdoor or indoor, they are perfect for shopping centers or amusement park games and for wherever there is a minimal square footage. They can operate on tiles, wood, concrete asphalt and any other smooth surface.

Our mission is to prove that having fun is possible in a safe way: our Baby Animal are the safer choice for young children because they have special sensors on the front that avoid collisions with the rail or other riders. And what happens if during an adventurous ride the battery goes suddenly dead? That’s impossible because Baby Animal cars feature a 12V/45Ah battery and, thanks to their remarkable power efficiency, they can easily run for a whole day. They are also equipped with a power-efficient 200 watt brushed motor.

So just give the children the opportunity to enjoy a trip with some special friends! They can choose between 11 different animals for 3 environment characterizations: Safari with donkey, Leo, Tiger, Giraffe, Rhino and Zebra; Jurassic with Saurus and Dino and Farm with Reindeer, Pig, Horse, Sheep and Cow. Their finish is hand painted and each character has its own unique pattern. Like every Eurogames cars, also the Baby Animal cars are 100% made in Italy according to the highest safety and quality standards.

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AAE – Asian Attraction Expo 2018

6- 8 June 2018 – Hong Kong

AAE – Asian Attraction Expo 2018

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Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre


We often ask ourselves if a bigger car determines more power. Well we think that the smile on kids’ faces gets bigger when they play with something larger. Bigger means more power and greater fun!

Eurogames’ Big cars are the perfect attraction for children over 8 years of age that wants to feel the adventure under their feet. This kind of attraction is a great alternative to other standard-sized battery-operated cars for customized enviroments or rougher terrains, representing the best solution for having amusement rides. Big cars can comfortably carry an adult and a child to share the driving experience in complete safety.
In particular, with their lenght of 2 meters, Eurogames’ battery operated Big Cars are among the biggest in the industry. The newest model is named “Outlander” and it has incredible features:

Featuring accelerator and brake pedals;
Reverse gear;
– Head and tail lights;
– Brake and turning lights;
Shocks absorbers;
– Disc brakes.

This amazing model can do up to 18 (km/h) and his powerfull 800w brushed motor offers a superior durability and the best performances thanks to differential gear and two wheel drive. And nobody will never miss their ride with a 24V/120Ah battery that can be powered up to 6 hours!
Eurogames’ big cars are available in 3 models to suit different enviroments and settings, and they are specially designed for amusment venues like Amusement park games and Family Fun Centers, running outdoor or indoor on any paved or unpaved surface.

Nowadays, Eurogames has a BIG mission, living in the digital era: we want to engage kids in the healthy fun of a big car race or a bumper boat rush in water fight, testing their skills and interacting with others in real, exciting games. Eurogames’ rides give everybody, children and adults alike, the thrilling wonder and timeless entertainment that we all love.

Visit our big car page and let us show you the power of BIG!

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DEAL – Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show 2018


9 – 11 April 2018 – Dubai

DEAL – Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show

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Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

New Eurogames’ 2018 Go karts: a perfect cocktail of power and passion!

Children have an enviable imagination and create their stories building different worlds and extraordinary situations. Being the input of a new imaginary story is one of our objectives.

So, we started 2018 with a new scene: the new go kart collection, offering to every kid or young person and, why not, every adult, the thrill of karting in a perfect combination of design, colors and fun.  The young drivers will choose from many different colors, to play and drive in the funniest way! And how about lights? These lights enhancements are the wave of the future in this highly digital age. Our company decided to implement a new design process, a perfect cocktail of power and passion!

The layout of the vehicles is based on various engineering aspects depending upon safety and ergonomics, with a special eye for Italian style. Our 100% made in Italy go kart chassis are the perfect attraction for children over 6 years age, delivering joyful to all of them and their parents.

To be more specific, our new collection is equipped with a powerful 780W brushed motor, specially design for amusement venues like “family fun centers” and amusement parks. All components, like accelerator, brake pedals and chassis are made by specialist, offering a superior durability and a minimal maintenance.

The basis of every adult and child-sized go kart built by Eurogames are the rugged components. Each of them is added carefully, picked or designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday concession. Our “In-house” designer can help you get the most out of your go kart design. Consulting our customers along every step of installation, Eurogames provide extraordinary post-sale assistance and customer service to meet any different needs. Eurogames staff is like an extended family and every employee is regarded as a fundamental asset to fulfill our mission to be the leading company in our industry to provide a unique experience in amusement park games for the fulfillment of children’s dreams.


Visit our go-kart page and let us show you all the colorful go kart models.

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FEE – Family Entertainment Expo 2018


14 – 16 Marzo 2018 – Riccione

FEE Family Entertainment Expo 2018

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Eurogames minibike: we make your wishes come true!

How many times, when we were children, we really wanted to ride one of these fast motorcycles on tv, and feel the thrill of their speed?
How much is exciting for a kid to be like one of his riding heroes?
Children from all over the world, and probably their parents too, wish to hop in the saddle of these bikes!
In the age when anything is possible, Eurogames gives to your kids the impossible too: thanks to our long experience and to the new design inspired by racing bikes, it’ll seem like getting on a real motorcycle, on the superbike’s fastest two wheels, obviously baby-sized.
This is possible in total safety: the minibike is characterised by two seats, in order that parents can follow their children into an amazing experience.
Eurogames wants to satisfy kids, and maybe adults, that are race fans. In that direction, we made an esthetic restyle, with sporting appearence and new LED lights,like a real bike’s models.
However, we want every child to be happy: for this reason Eurogames proposes a wide range of double seat mini cars and bikes, different for both models and colours.
We project and produce a big variety of mini cars 100% made in Italy, selling our experience and riding toys in more than 100 countries.

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