Made with superior materials, each Eurogames product and all its components are 100% manufactured in Italy, quality checked and inspected on site. Custom products are hand-finished and painted by our in-house artists. Each amusement park game comes with a 1 year warranty, both for the body and the electronic components.


Thanks to its dedicated research department, Eurogames leads the industry for its products’ unique and innovative features. Eurogames has been the first European manufacturer of bumper cars and the first to introduce new cutting-edge technology to traditional park rides.


Qualified technicians are available around the clock to answer questions, provide replacement parts and solve technical issues swiftly and effectively. By phone, email or in person Eurogames stands by its products to service any problem and exceed customers’ expectations to provide amusement rides.


Eurogames products are sold all around the world. Through our extensive network of certified dealers and our headquarter in Italy, standard products, like bumper car games, can be ready for shipping in as little as one week after your order comes in.


The Ride For Every Child

Fun is our business. Passion for innovation is what fuels Eurogames creations.

In the world of amusement park kids rides, Eurogames is the leading manufacturer of coin-operated minicars, battery operated playground rides,
kids attractions for family fun centers and indoor/outdoor amusement park equipment. With an average ROI of 6 months, our battery minicars, bumper cars, bumper boats,
go-karts, educational rides and custom-themed rides environments are the best investment to increase the profitability of amusement parks, shopping centers, carnival sites, playground areas and family entertainment centers.
Discover the thrill of the best battery operated kids attractions in the industry, made with superior materials and in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Eurogames is a family owned business with 50 years of tradition in the design and
manufacturing of battery-op rides, amusement rides and kids attractions.
Our products and all their components are 100% made in Italy and sold worldwide.

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