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Project & Design

Step 1


At Eurogames, Concept Design is the cornerstone of every successful project we undertake.
Our team of experienced designers and engineers work collaboratively to create unique and innovative entertainment solutions tailored to your needs.

During this phase, we establish the overall entertainment concept and how it will be brought to life in your park. We select the signature attractions and develop the theming direction and look and feel of the project. We use visualizations to bring your ideas to life and work with you to finalize them.

At the end of this phase of the project, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the attractions and profit centers in the project, the layout and public flow of the park, the theming and look of the project, and an estimation of the cost to build the project as per the concept design.

Step 2


The Masterplanning phase ensures a comprehensive and detailed approach to bring the concept design to life. These are some of the main activities:

– Creation of facility plans (detailed layouts and blueprints of infrastructure, buildings, attractions, and public spaces)

– Design and theming of all items within the entertainment facility (rides, structures, and landscapes)

– Crafting the design of decorative wall, ceiling, signage and wayfinding

– Planning sound and light for a dynamic and immersive environment

Step 3


The 3D Design phase is the phase of the project where models are created to bring to life all the elements planned before.
Eurogames employs advanced 3D modeling techniques to create virtual representations of the entire project. These models accurately depict the architectural structures, attractions, landscapes, and thematic elements that have been planned in previous stages.
This offers a realistic and immersive experience, enabling the customer to navigate through the virtual environment and explore the planned features from different angles and perspectives, facilitating decision-making, coordination, and effective communication.

Step 4


The installation phase is the culmination of the project development process at Eurogames. It involves the meticulous implementation of all planned elements, integration of technical systems, adherence to safety standards, and comprehensive testing. Eurogames’ expertise ensures a smooth and successful installation process, leading to the realization of a fully functional and immersive amusement facility.

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