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Eurogames is a family owned business with 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of minicars, go kart games, battery cars, bumper cars, bumper boats, battery-op rides, amusement rides and kids attractions. Started in 1969 by Domenico De Carlo with the production – revolutionary for its time – of battery operated cars for kids, Eurogames has achieved international leadership in the industry of amusement rides thanks to its high-quality manufacturing standards, accurate planning, motivated and qualified team of designers, mechanical and electronic engineers, sales experts and a solid network of international dealers. Fabio De Carlo, son of the founder and current managing director, has expanded the company’s outreach and vision by adding new and attractive products with unique features which have made Eurogames well known all over the world.

SINCE 1969


Started in 1969 by Domenico De Carlo with the production – revolutionary for its time – of battery operated cars for kids, Eurogames has achieved international leadership in the amusement industry.

The story of Eurogames begins with the revolutionary Roll Royce model, a two-seater battery car. Thanks to the second seat for a parent, even the youngest children become pilots.

In 1989 Fabio De Carlo, son of the founder, joined the company. From that moment on, with his ideas he contributes to the expansion of the company, making Eurogames games famous all over the world.

Eurogames designs, manufactures and distributes over 1500 units. Products and components are 100% made in Italy in this factory of 5,000 cubic meters and are available worldwide.

In 2003 Domenico retires and Fabio takes the reins of the company. Eurogames is now established internationally, in 2009 is the first European manufacturer of Bumper Car.

In 2016, Nicolas and Micheal, Fabio’s son, join the company. Eurogames is an extended family business with founding values such as passion, competence, reliability, professionalism and motivation.

A revolutionary company for its time, in 50 years of activity it has achieved an international leadership in the industry, always maintaining the passion for fun and innovation.

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As a family owned business, we know the importance of respect and care in every day relationships. Eurogames staff is like an extended family and every employee is regarded as a fundamental asset to fulfill our mission to be the leading company in our industry to provide a unique experience in amusement park games for the fulfillment of children’s dreams.
Competence and reliability, professionalism and skill, motivation and personal drive are the core values of our staff.

Fabio De Carlo



Born in the Italian northern city of Forlì, Fabio De Carlo is no stranger to mechanics and electrical circuits. Actually, it would be fair to say that he’s been toying with them for as long as he can remember.
As a child, he loved to play in the family shop and to help his father Domenico who ran a small car and bicycle repair business in town.
In 1969, when Eurogames started its operations from the family’s garage, Fabio was but a tiny toddler, with a purpose. At the age of 2, way before learning how to ride a bicycle, Fabio was already an accomplished mini car driver and, as the years went by, he learned from his father the passion for creating, improving and innovating battery-operated cars for amusement rides. The same passion that still inspires his every day working life and that his children Michael and Nicolas – who have also recently entered the family business – have readily drawn into.
Since its early days when mini cars were handcrafted out of the family garage, Eurogames has experienced a steady exponential growth thanks to Fabio’s commitment to quality, innovation and technological advancement. His vision for the future has impacted the development of Eurogames products keeping them up to date with the latest trends and the ever-growing technical abilities and sophistication of younger generations.
Today, children inhabit the digital era: tablets, smartphones, video games consoles did not exist when Eurogames was born. And yet, all kids love our amusement rides. They still engage in the healthy fun of a battery car race or a bumper boat rush in water fight, testing their skills and interacting with others in real, exciting games. Eurogames rides give everybody – children and adults alike – the thrilling wonder and timeless entertainment that we all love.

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