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How does a water cannon boat work?

How does a water cannon boat work?

Imagine a child getting to play a specific character from their favourite anime or movie, where they are the captain of a ship sailing through the waves of the sea. Suddenly, a bunch of pirates from the Caribbean jungle started to attack their ship. But, of course, there is nothing to worry about; the kids are prepared with bunkers, water tanks, and water guns to save their watercraft and loved ones. How does it sound? Fun?

People, especially the kids, always fantasize about the dreamy stories of fairies, pirates, astronauts and warriors. Therefore, the modern entertainment world has built up numerous amusement parks to take the children and their families on a journey to the world of the imagination. From giving the vibes of racing competition with go-karts to letting the visitors feel the experience of naval warfare with bumper boats, the family theme park is perfect for living in the fantasy world for a day.

While the park owners are constantly working to make the pool ride more entertaining, the bumper boats for pools always contain some great features. Incorporated with a different themed design and strong fibreglass cover, tools like water cannons have been included in the boat to give your theme park’s fun ride a new dose of wild imagination.


Water cannons: regular vs theme park editions

For water cannons, we usually know a device that is operated to shoot high-velocity steam water. It is used for firefighting, extensive vehicle washing, riot control, and mining in the real world. Typically, the shape of the cannon looks like a water gun, which we can find in different types of toy shops. It is usually attached to a manual pumping system or electric-generated pump.

While the original cannon is perhaps mighty and dangerous, the water cannon for boats in the theme park comes as a tool for some harmless fun. For size, it is widely different from the professional one. The standard size is small and mainly manufactured by lightweight materials since kids will generally operate it for water sports. Eurogames places it on the top of the steering wheel. Then, of course, it has a joint through a thin pipe below to generate the water from the pool. The three-layer aluminium material consists of a gun shape. On the bottom part, it has two handles to move quickly. While at the top, the cannon has an aluminium shooting point that flows the water when the switch on the key connects to the lower side.


Technicalities of water cannons for boats

Building water cannons for boats can be done in two ways. One, buy the parts and tools of the gun for a water bumper boat separately and place it on the ship later. However, this option is more complex and costs more money for different parts and expertise.

Alternatively, Eurogames offers two different character-themed bumper boats with built-in water cannons. Designed and developed with utmost care and Made in Italy quality assurance, these boats provide an effortless way to add water cannon shooting to your theme parks.


Splash pirate with water cannon

Splash Pirate is themed around pirates and comes with two seats. It is capable of carrying up to 200kg, enabling both kids and adults to ride together. The boat comes in a red shade for colour, with a black stripe cover running between the middle to complete the look. Over the seats, it has a pirate-themed design, complete with the unique sensation of water cannon. The cannon itself looks super dramatic as it is designed with the customized eyes of pirates.


Splash with water cannon

The name gives away that this boat is made to experience the ultimate water splashing fun. The Splash with water cannon adds a certain excitement to the pool with a combination of yellow and blue. Its design takes inspiration from the water gun itself to complete the theme. Like the other Eurogames bumper boats, it comes with two 12V rechargeable batteries so that the fun doesn’t stop soon. In addition, there is an external propeller attached to the engine capable of producing up to 8 km/h. Therefore, the child can shoot the cannon at a safe yet fun speed.


Eurogames water cannon for theme parks

Water sports are often the top attraction of a theme park. The only purpose of the water cannon boats is to bring more fun for the children without causing any harm. By shooting the water streams, the bumper boats with water cannons have a plus point of drenching others alongside splashing the water, making it more enjoyable for children. But if you want to improve your existing bumper boats, you can also buy just the accessories from Eurogames as both water cannons are available as a standalone item.

Article by admin 10 December 2021

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