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Where to find coin-operated go-karts for sale?

Where to find coin-operated go-karts for sale?

Almost everyone loves a bit of go-karting. It is fun, safe, and exciting while also offering children the thrill of hands-on driving for the first time. It is so fun that even grown-ups can’t get over the hang of go-karting. That’s why there are so many go-kart racing in both professional and amusement park circuits. Even many parents often expect go-kart racing trucks to be a given within amusement parks.

With such popularity, go-karts offer a highly profitable opportunity for theme park owners and managers. But, it does take some significant initial investment to set up a track, buy an adequate number of go-karts, batteries, etc. Thankfully, Eurogames can lighten the burden if you buy from the coin-operated go-karts for sale. In this way, you will be spending less than what you might need to, freeing up some cash to spend in improving other areas of your family fun centres. Sounds like a good deal, right?


Coin-operated go-karts by Eurogames

As you may already know, go-karts are available in different forms and for different purposes. They range from more powerful machines to recreational open-wheel cars. They can also differ in size, power mechanisms, engine capacities, track suitability, etc.

Eurogames produces some excellent quality coin-operated go-karts for amusement parks. Powered by 780W brushed motors, these go-karts offer a fun-filled racing experience for children aged between 6-16 years old. There are also Mini Go-Karts that are slightly smaller in size with a softer power engine of 310W. They are better suitable for 3-12 years old children. At the same time, the Drifting Go-Karts offer the additional fun of drifting in an outdoor or indoor circuit.

The related electric engine comes with zero-emission and offers strong durability on the racing tracks. Available with a two-speed setting, the karts can reach a maximum speed of 20km/h. They are fast enough to guarantee a great time for the families while being moderate enough to keep everyone safe in the tracks. With a 134-inches turning radius, these coin-operated go-karts are also quite exciting in a slightly more competitive circuit.

The Italian manufacturer leaves no doubts in ensuring maximum safety for the go-karts activity. These recreational vehicles are equipped with disc brakes, programmable stop sensors, and pedal brakes to ensure a worry-free experience. With them in your go-kart arsenal, you won’t have to worry too much about accidental damages. Furthermore, as each product goes through extensive quality checks, you can also expect to reap the benefits of your investments for a longer period.

All the Eurogames go-karts display a standard coin mechanism. As most children arrive and immediately drive the services within the go-kart racing tracks, the coin mechanism makes the ride more convenient. Combined with the play-time setting, it also benefits in automatically stopping the ride when the coin runs out. Not to mention the maintenance benefits it brings by semi-automating the ticketing system.


 Coin-operated go-karts for sale

Eurogames Go-Karts can cost around 1450 pounds, depending on the specific model and area of purchasing the recreational vehicles. The Italian producer can quickly rack up significant investment if you want to build a fleet of go-karts for your theme parks. However, if you look out for different coin-operated go-karts for sale events, you will reap the rewards of some cut-priced deals within the Eurogames homepage.

Eurogames has a worldwide network of distributors who offer go-karts for sale from time to time. You can also contact the headquarter in Italy to get a discounted price directly from the manufacturer. No matter where you want your go-karts to be delivered, Eurogames can arrange for a two-week delivery. The official Eurogames website is also a great place to keep updated about any discounts or not-to-be-missed sales offers.

Of course, you can opt to buy used or second-hand coin-operated go-karts to get as much as a half-priced deal. However, in that case, you will not get the quality assurance and the after-sales services associated with Eurogames. So, if your purchase falters, it may eventually end up costing you more than what you could spend on coin-operated go-karts for sale.


Bumper go-karts for sale

As mentioned before, Eurogames also offers both single and double Mini Go-Karts designed for babies. Nonetheless, as they are intended for three years old and above, these coin-operated go-karts require additional safety measures. To ensure that, Eurogames adds a safety bumper at the front. So, even if the child inadvertently hits a roadblock, it won’t lead to anything severe.

Guess what! You can save high costs by finding bumper go-karts for sale. So, please keep your eyes open for such deals, either at the Eurogames website or one of their certified dealers. These retailers usually announce the sales in large prints, especially when the summer approaches. The e-commerce marketplaces and online distributors are also great places to catch bumper go-karts for sale events.

So, why not go for the best quality coin-operated go-karts from Eurogames!

Article by admin 20 November 2021

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