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Which are the best go-karts for babies?

Which are the best go-karts for babies?

Have you ever imagined travelling the world within a few hours? Of course, it isn’t feasible. Well, at an amusement park or family theme park, you can pause your daily life and escape into the imaginary world of fun and excitement. A theme park is a destination that will guide you through some of the most exotic adventures – from the world of fairies to the pirates and to the astronauts. While there are plenty of rides available in the park to entertain the visitors in an amusement park, a Go-Kart will always hold a special place among the kids due to its speedy racing nature.

So, let the children buckle up for a fun race in a recreational circuit; a Go-Kart adventure in a theme park can be an excellent option for a birthday treat or a regular family hangout. After all, it is an open-wheeled recreational car that looks and feels like a real F1 racing car. But, of course, its speed is capped at a safe level for amusement parks. The best Go-Kart for babies and kids also needs a perfect dimension, multiple track compatibility, and an electric engine that emits no carbon.

Go-Kart for babies – features to consider while buying

There are several factors on which you need to keep your eyes while hunting for the best go-karts for kids. These are:

  • Safety is always the key concern. Some karts come with a pedal brake that protects the users from any unforeseen accident; others provide a mechanism built into the drivetrain to slow down the speed. Whether traditional or advanced, always think about the kid’s safety and comfort before buying a go-kart.
  • The thicker tire is also a fantastic feature that provides an outstanding level of grip and comfort. Check into how easy it is to order the parts of the manufacturing components to replace a worn-out tire is also essential to think about before investing in the best Go-karts for kids.
  • Construction quality is another factor. The Kart that is sturdy, chunky, and made of quality-full parts, is a winning bet for theme park owners. The highest quality will make it long-lasting and secure at the same time.
  • Recreational Go-karts are all about fun with some safe speed. Thus, choosing a kart that is not too slow or too fast – just enough to have an exciting ride – is essential. The battery powering the motor should also be long-lasting on a single charge.


The types of Go-kart available in the market

Considering the above features, we list some of the best go-karts for kids currently available at Eurogames.

Mini Go-Karts for babies

A part of the Mini car collection, Eurogames offers two Mini Go-Karts for children aged 3 to 12 years. The cars are powered by one 12V battery that runs continuously for hours on a single charge. The double paddle consists of two accelerators and disk brakes, which ensure the perfect balance of speed. At the same time, the 780W motor engine produces up to 20km/h when set at the double-speed setting.

These Go-karts for babies are smaller in size but roomy enough to drive comfortably. As babies are the main client of this toy vehicle, they are painted with some eye-catchy colours and cool graphic details. The colour options include red, orange, green, black, blue and white to create and give a cheerful outlook. Despite having the same size, Eurogames still manages to offer a single-seater and a double-seater model.

The best Go-kart for kids

Sometimes it is unsafe to let the child step into the Kart alone. In such cases, it is best to accompany them with their parents. Also, if two kids are in the family, it can be fun to let them ride together in the same Kart. That way, the older kid can take care of the younger ones. That’s why the regular Go-Karts Double by Eurogames is one of the best in the market. Of course, it is more suitable for kids between 6-16 years, but its weight carrying capacity and spacious seats can also house a kid accompanied by an adult. The Go-Kart Single is similar to the Double model, except for its individual teen driver seat design.

Moreover, Eurogames also offers recreational Go-karts with drifting. As much as go-kart drafting sounds fun and exciting, it is not easy to place all of those parts of a professional kart into an indoor riding Go-Kart. Yet, the Italian manufacturer managed to include some excellent cornering techniques in their Single Drifting 24V and Double Drifting 24V models. The drifting Kart comes in one and two-seat forms and is best suited for the same age group as regular karts. The rider can turn the Kart at a 134-inch radius at a top speed of 20km/h. Sounds exciting, no?

Article by admin 20 December 2021

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