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Which are the best Mini Bumper Boats for amusement parks?

Which are the best Mini Bumper Boats for amusement parks?

Schools are out, and the kids perhaps are gearing up for summer vacation. Parents probably are planning to do something fun yet meaningful to fill up their free days. Generally, long tours are time-consuming and pricey; sometimes, it also becomes difficult to match parents’ dates with kids. But this doesn’t mean people won’t enjoy those relaxing days and have some quality time together.

Entertaining the whole family in a limited time frame is easy when you visit an amusement park to enjoy the warm weather and create life-long memories. From riding through the kid’s car to exploring the pool with kids’ bumper boats to getting a taste of picnic-like food, an amusement park ensures all types of fun in a single place. While kids are generally fascinated by the variety of exciting rides, adults are no longer behind to enjoy the fun. Among all of the rides, it is always fun to play with the water. Consequently, the bumper boat is always there on the popular list.

Bumper boats operate like a bumper car or go-Kart, but in the water. With a bumper boat, get ready for a wild ride as the little ones can bump, splash and squirt water safely. The real fun starts when the kids can drench others with water without getting wet themselves.

There are various bumper boats for kids and adults. But today, we’re only focusing on some of the best bumper boats for kids, which will make the water park experience a memorable one.


Step into a bumpy ride with the kid’s Bumper Boats

Some adults do not want to step into the boat. Instead, they want to let the little ones free. Considering that, here are some of the best mini bumper boats for kids:

Mini Crocodile- set the kid-free

Just like the name, these mini boats for kids come with some fantastic features. This one seat crocodile design boat comes with 60 cm heights which have enough space to move comfortably. The boat’s weight is 34 kg and requires a minimum water depth of 12-inches, or 30 cm. The boat is covered by fibreglass, while battery autonomy varies from 4-8 hours, depending on the speed. An entire green surface with a blue seat gives the boat a more attractive look.


Mini Tiger- bring the fire of joy

This mini boat is another favourite among babies. It comes with a similar height. The standard small size is completely safe and secure to ride by the babies. It is powered by a 12V – 62Ah battery, which gives it continuous power for 4-8 hours. Like the Crocodile, the Mini Tiger bumper boat also features strong fibreglass that protects from getting drenched in water while bumping for fun. The average speed is 0 – 3.5 mph or 0 – 6 km/h. The facility of an electric engine plays a bonus to make the steering more manageable. With a standard coin mechanism, bumper boats can set the playtime. The average playtime at once is 60-999 seconds.


Mini Monkey- unleash the mini monkey

The Monkey themed boat is quirky and fun, with the Red and yellow Monkey creating an attractive contrast against green bumpers. This one-seater boat comes with a dimension of 24-inches in height, 42-inches in length and 23-inches in width. The battery capacity is standard across the Mini line from Eurogames. The standard coin mechanism is another consistent feature that enables a seamless arrival and bump experience.


Lady Bug- ride for the pretty bird

Imagine a boat designed in ladybug shape; the children couldn’t help but love it. The one-seat is perfect for kids if the parents do not want to accompany them. The standardized speed variation can lead the boat to the minimum water depth. There is an external propeller that is attached to the internal motor. The capacity held by the electric engine is 12V – 100W to balance the speed. This pretty bumper boat is painted in red and black, just like a ladybug. It often gives out a fairy-tale vibe when floating on crystal-clear water.

However, it would be exciting to see the tiny precious panda riding on another boat-like panda. The mini panda comes in all green and white combinations with a panda on top. The standard size, battery capacity, advanced features, music, and sounds combine to create an unforgettable experience.


Italian mini boats for kids

The kid’s bumper boats by Eurogames are most suitable for children aged three to six years old. An Italian manufacturer means the bumper boats have gone through extensive testing to ensure maximum safety and fun for the little ones. Having these in the offering can immediately improve the appeal of an amusement park. I mean, who doesn’t want to see babies jumping and giggling in a bumpy water ride!

Article by admin 10 November 2021

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