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Which are the best bumper car models?

Which are the best bumper car models?

The game of bumper cars brings new excitement to any amusement or theme park. Children and teens always love the thrill of bumper cars in theme parks, rushing into another vehicle for points – everything while having a good laugh. They get the feel of being in a star wars movie themselves. It is a must-have feature of any fun related atmosphere.

Kids enjoy the rush of bumping into each other while trying to reach their goals. The best way to make it more enjoyable and bumpy for them is being in a high-quality bumper car that is fun and safe. There are loads of options for having such a recreational car. But the best bumper car models come from the Italian brand Eurogames. They offer an attractive body built to unique functionality and makes the ride more entertaining with graphic details and eye-catchy colours.


The best bumper Car models from Eurogames

Eurogames is one of the most renowned theme park toys manufacturers from Italy. So, they equip the bumper cars with innovative electric engine technology, making them more technically astute, service friendly, and good for the environment.

They come in three different models: space, hyper and ice. All of these models have two versions, with suitability for diverse age groups. The children’s Mini bumper car has a dimension of 105H- 120W- 120L and weighs around 115kg. While the slightly more extensive version is 115H- 170W- 170L in size and weighs about 120kg. The Mini versions of the best bumper cars are suitable for children aged three to six years.

In contrast, the regular-sized versions are ideal for anyone who would like to experience an exciting adventure. They provide two seats to make the game more enjoyable with the partner beside them. An adult and a child can also ride in one of them for extra safety and precaution. Both versions work in any smooth asphalt, concrete or even ice surfaces.

They come in 5 default colours. But the most exciting part is that any bumper car model can be coloured and customized according to your preference. That way, they will fit with the environment that you want them to be in. The body frame is made out of metal, and the outer part is made from fibreglass. Thus, it can take heavy hits, protecting the riders from any accidental harm.


Battery and functionality of the bumper car models

The innovative bumper car models by Eurogames use electric motors with rechargeable sealed batteries. The electric motors have no belt in them, so it works more efficiently than a traditional motor. They may come with 1 or 2 batteries, having 12V of power each. The mini bumper car can work for 4-5 hours, while the bigger adult version works for approximately 5-6 hours on a single charge.

The bumper cars have built-in sound effects, volume, and token functionality, which the user can control. The token function lets the user race for 30 to 990 seconds. So, there is no need to stop a fun ride in person. Besides, each bumper car can reach a top speed of 8km/h. Thus, a severe accident is unlikely to happen. They are also very straightforward to navigate around for their simple joystick controls.


Exclusive features of the best bumper car models

The bumper cars come with music and an inbuilt effect system. While playing, the users will have a fun time with these functions. The hyper bumper car model provides an extra feature equipped. It has an infrared shooting system. It also has a digital display and dashboard to keep the count. It is a shoot and spin function that makes the game more enjoyable. The digital dashboard keeps a count of the hits and scores. The challenge makes the game more interesting and goes on for a longer period. And the points turn into rewards, which makes everyone playing go for higher scores.

The best bumper car model can be found in Eurogames. It is their low maintenance electric motor that makes the cars last longer. A bumper car will bump into each other; that is the main point. The use of fibreglass as the body shell makes it more robust for every bump and hit it takes. Precise calculation and speed functions also play their parts.

Finally, the professional excellence of Eurogames has been innovating from the very beginning. Its exclusive hyper bumper car makes a lot of difference in the amusement parks. They attract more children and adults for a day or evening of innocent, family fun. They are not just robust, but, also, they are attractive with gorgeous designs. The reliability and lack of required strong maintenance are further valuable factors. You can also find designs, accessories and ideas for your bumper car riding ground in Eurogames, making it a one-stop solution.

Article by admin 20 October 2021

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