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How to design a bumper boat pool or lake?

How to design a bumper boat pool or lake?

There is always something magical about going to an amusement or family fun park as a child or an adult. From riding through the roller coaster to jumping into the bumper boats for pools or to getting into friendly racing competitions with go-karts, imaginative theme parks are ideal for those who want to enjoy an organized playground.

The theme park is perhaps synonymous with fun by featuring stunning rides for kids and youth. But all effort can be useless within a moment if the arrangement of parks gets wrong even by a little bit. So, there is no substitute to be more creative and precise regarding the features and rides to attract all adventure seekers.

From designing the concept for mini cars to buying the supportive tools, the park owner needs to be careful to decorate beautifully. Among all the processes, the bumper boat pool or lake needs significant attention while designing as it links with the water. The effort needs to be doubled in water to make the bumper boat for the pool safe, secure, and comfortable ride. One single wrong decision regarding tools and accessories selection can convert water park fun into a tragedy.


Ideas to design a bumper boat pool or lake

Hiring the service of a professional always works in terms of getting the work done accurately. But, getting aware of some basic ideas about designing the bumper boat pool or lake will let you handle the situation perfectly. In addition, the knowledge will help to get equally involved in the design, facilitating the best possible outcome.


Space vs the number of bumper boats for pools

Space is the most critical part one needs to consider before looking for the best idea to decorate a bumper boat pool. The primary bumper boat pools come in different sizes to fit with the specific space. In addition, it has the option to decorate with additional accessories to enrich the charm and attraction of the pool. Some of the standard measurement ideas for pool decoration are given below:


  • However, if the number of bumper boats for lakes increases from 6 to 8, the space will increase automatically. In this case, the appropriate size starts from 16×18 square meters.


  • For 10 to 12 boats, the space requirement is comparatively wide. A 20×10 square meter space would be sufficient enough.


 Staircase for the bumper boat lake

After selecting the suitable space for the pool, it is now necessary to decorate it to some extent. The staircase is vital to step into the pool safely. The length can consist of three or more layers of steps depending on the pool size. At Eurogames, you will find different staircases made of copper and aluminium. Each step of the stairs can be covered with a 200 cm edge cover to protect it from getting slippery.

After placing the staircase, it is time to adjourn the docking handle; the handrail will help the kids keep their balance while stepping up or down the pool.

Bumper boat pool leg cover

After the basics, it is necessary to decorate the pool leg cover to make the scenario more attractive and elegant. For pool leg cover decoration, 200 cm edge panels are available by Eurogames from which it is straightforward to choose one. Furthermore, the edge cover in aluminium works excellent as a splash-resistant tool.


Bumper boat lake Platform decoration

There are many things to decorate the pool platform. The owner has the freedom to choose the particular design but needs to remember the clients’ preferences. It can be designed with a plain 20 cm edge panel and then detailed with the panel sticker. Covered in fun stickers, I bet that the children will love it more!

Besides, to secure the platform, place the docking handrail all over the platform. To bring a more comfortable experience, adjust a pool corner on the outer side. For corner decoration, it is wise to choose the aluminium consisted material to ensure sturdiness.


Filter for Water Bumper Boats Pool

Of course, water is the essential item in the pool operation. The general size of Eurogames water filter is 14m3/h and contains a 220 VV pump. Some types of filters come with a self-cleaning mechanism which reduces the hassle of cleaning. In addition, there is a valve to empty the pool, which can work wonders when it is time to change the water.

To conclude, put down all of the bumper boats chronically, and here the pool is entirely ready to step into the imagination of water. First, however, to buy all of the quality-full accessories and tools, opt for a renowned brand like Eurogames, which provides the 100% authenticity guarantee for every piece of product.

Article by admin 20 January 2022

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