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Can adults ride Bumper Boats?

Can adults ride Bumper Boats?

Nothing can be more refreshing during spring and summer than spending a day or evening with the family in an amusement park. Among the various attractions offered for kids and adults, Bumper Boats are the most exciting way to have some water fun without getting wet or soaked.

All of us know that kids always love to bump into something else, whether it is in water or on the road. Thus, indeed, they love jumping on a Bumper Boat. But, while some may think it’s only fun for kids, adults can also have their fair share of fun riding the Bumper Boats as well.


Different Adult Bumper Boats

With the availability of large and regular-sized Bumper Boats, it is easier than ever for adults to join in the fun of bumpy water sports. In fact, there are so many adult bumper boats available in the market that they can quickly feel like an adult-only sport. We often see adult boats available in the family theme park or other public lakes, rivers, etc. However, you will find some significant differences in their designs by looking closely. Based on propelling mechanisms, Bumper Boats for adults can be of three types. These are:


Self-pedalling Bumper Boats

The self-pedalling Bumper Boats for adults can be a joy to ride as they recreate the feeling of floating on a dinghy or something similar. These boats can come with one or two seats and make up for a perfect evening date with the loved one. They are the most authentic crafts that slowly float on the water, almost similar to a bicycle. However, they need to be peddled manually, which can be tiresome.


Bumper Boats powered by gasoline engines

There are also some adults’ Bumper Boats that get their power from a gasoline engine. They come in a variety of designs and are powered by different types of machines. However, these boats can be noisy and polluting to the environment.


Motorised Bumper Boat for adults

Motorised bumper boats for adults are electric Bumper Boats usually powered by one or two rechargeable batteries. Motorised Bumper Boats entail multiple advantages. They are fun to navigate, they don’t cause noise pollution nor emit carbon, and they are also easy to maintain. Eurogames makes a few different motorised Bumper Boats for adults that are perfect for any amusement park or water-sport park.


Mini Boats for Adults

Arranging separate Bumper Boats for adults and kids can be expensive and space-consuming. As a solution, Eurogames has manufactured some Bumper Boats which are perfect for every age group. The manufacturer offers one basic model and ten character models – Crazy Polyp, Funny Duck, Splash Pirate, etc. Both adults and children can have fun on-board. As each of the boats is decorated by the shape of a particular character, they certainly appeal more to the younger visitors. Then again, it is pretty effortless to customise the design as per the family fun centre’s specific needs.

Different Mini Boats for adults come with different dimensions, but all Eurogames boats leave enough room for easy and secure handling. Moreover, they can carry up to 200kg, making them suitable for virtually anyone of any age group. Consequently, the parents and kids can ride together and have fun safely. They also feature an advanced token mechanism and a digital timer to regulate the ride functions like speed, playtime, music, and sound.


Mini Bumper Boats for kids

We can talk about adult bumper boats and how popular they are all day long, but kids’ preferences will always be at the top of the agenda for most indoor and outdoor theme parks. Therefore, Eurogames offers a range of Mini Bumper Boats for babies between 3-9 years.

The mini bumper boats are a smaller version of the regular bumper boats. Eurogames offers attractive designs around loving animals and characters, including crocodiles, ladybugs, pirates, etc. The speed max out at 6 km/h to lead the boat toward the minimum water depth of 12-inches, or 30 cm. And, no, adults cannot or should not go all bumpy on these mini bumper boats.

Bottom line

Eurogames offers bumper boats 100% made in Italy and certified to use in any commercial operation. They are durable and reliable for family fun in outdoor, indoor, and open water settings. The motor engine is powerful enough for recreational purposes and is safe for the environment. The motor is powered by an AZM sealed battery which can run for long hours.

Whether attached to a squirter, a cannon, or nothing at all, Bumper Boats can be quite a fun activity. They are equally entertaining for both adults and children alike, offering the perfect opportunity for a family fun day in the sun or indoors. So, get ready to splash and crash into your family and friends and squeeze the best out of it.S


Article by admin 10 January 2022

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