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Amusement Park Ride Types

Amusement Park Ride Types

A variety of amusement park ride types is certainly a must-have for any family park or entertainment centre. You would want to attract guests to come and you also want them to enjoy the rides so much that they would want to try them again or come back to your park many times more. If you want amusement park rides that are fun and exciting yet safe for your park guests, you should definitely look into Eurogames’ collection of popular rides!

Eurogames has been in the business of manufacturing different types of rides at amusement parks for over 50 years now. Being in this business long enough makes Eurogames one of the most reputable and respected names in the industry.

What Types of Rides in Amusement Park are Most Popular?

Rides in amusement parks are created for children of all ages and adults too. Some are made just for fun while others can be a little more extreme. Bumper cars, Ferris wheels, carousels, and roller coasters are just some of the few most popular rides that are found in many amusement parks.

Eurogames Amusement Park Rides

At Eurogames, we use the highest quality materials and build our rides with the best standards in mind. We aim to keep our rides fun and exciting yet very durable and safe. Among our most in-demand amusement park rides are the following:

Mini Car and Mini Bike: It has been over 50 years since the very first Eurogames Mini Car was created and to date it is still the core business of Eurogames. Through the years, its quality and features have improved greatly but it managed to maintain the traditional quality and high standards of the brand. Eurogames Mini Cars and Mini Bikes are the first in the world to have a turbo boost feature and they are the most positionable products in the amusement park!

Go-Kart: A popular attraction in many amusement parks, the Go-Kart is certainly one of our most in-demand rides. You can choose between a one and two-seater Go-Kart that can drive speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour. Our Go-Kart can be used in both indoor and outdoor tracks and can run on asphalt, concrete, and other tracks with smooth surfaces.

Bumper Car: Many amusement park guests would look for the bumper car attraction first because a visit to the park wouldn’t be complete without one or a few rides! The first manufacturer of Battery operated Bumper Cars in Europe is Eurogames so you can expect safety, quality, and powerful features that have innovated and improved over the years. There are one-seater Mini Bumper Cars for kids up to 8-10 years old and the more powerful Bumper Car for teens and adults.

Baby Animal: The best ride for toddlers and kids up to 6 years old, the battery-operated Baby Animal ride of Eurogames features a 150W brushed motor and runs at low speeds to keep it a fun yet safe experience for the little ones. Best of all, it has special sensors to prevent collisions. There are currently 13 models found in the Safari, Jurassic, Farm, and Car variants.

Bumper Boat: Just like the favorite bumper car, the Bumper Boat is just as cool and exciting. It lets kids of all ages enjoy riding, maneuvering, and bumping into other boats in the water. Our two-seater Bumper Boats come in fun and attractive designs and has a capacity of up to 200 kilograms.

Big Car: The Big Car is a battery-operated car and the biggest you will find in the industry. It’s like a mini version of a real car with all the features you would want to get such as an accelerator, brake pedals, reverse, signal lights, headlights, and more. Its 800W brushed motor and speeds of up to 18 kilometres per hour make it the perfect attraction for kids over 6 years old and adults alike. They can be driven on smooth surfaces and even rougher terrains too!

Qualities of Top Amusement Park Rides

When looking for the best amusement park rides, there are several qualities that each ride must have. What types of rides in amusement park are most popular? The beautiful, fun, and safe ones, of course!

Variation is important but consistency is just as valuable. When you run an amusement park, it would be ideal to have something different that will make your rides stand out from the rides found at other amusement parks. You can look for special features or unique designs.

At the same time, park guests would also like a consistent line of rides. They’re looking for some familiarity in the place and so Mini Car and Bumper Cars, among others, remain the most popular choice for many. Guests most likely tried them before, had a lot of fun, and would like to try again!

All type of amusement park rides should also be built with the highest standards. Although some rides might be slower or less extreme than others, they must still be very safe and durable. Weight capacities should be high and there should be safety features as well.

Finally, you must make sure that you will be getting your rides from a reputable manufacturer. At Eurogames, we bring different types of rides amusement parks, and with each ride, we always make sure that fun, high quality, and safety is prioritized at all times!

Article by admin 21 May 2020

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