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Is It Time You Invested In A Kids Driving School?

Theme parks and playgrounds need to keep reinventing themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition. Of course, adding huge roller coasters is usually not an option because of the cost and the target market.
That’s where the kids driving school experience comes into its own. Investing in kids karts is one of the best ways to increase the popularity of your site, and boost profits in the process.
The impressive kid’s cars sold by Eurogames are not the only products you should be considering adding to your space, check out the array of other options, including mini bikes, bumper boats, baby animals, and even bigger go-karts for family fun.
This company also offers left-hand drive karts, making it the perfect option for many countries around the world.


Choosing The Right Kart

The kart for driving school use is a kart that has been designed specifically for this role. That’s where eurogames step in. The karts supplied have working functions, just like a real car. Kids can operate the accelerator, brake, horn, turning lights, seatbelt, and even the lights. This ensures the experience is as lifelike as possible, making it fun and educational.
If you’re wondering why you should be choosing us the answer is surprisingly simple. We design and manufacture the karts ourselves, which means we can attest to the quality of the products.
It’s not just the karts that are high-quality. You’ll find an abundance of accessories available, including traffic lights, road signs, Start and Stop remote control and even emergency vehicles. All of these factors serve to make the experience more real and more enjoyable.
You’ll also find that every kart is customizable. There are an array of styles available, such as Cabrio, buggy, off-road, tractor, and even Capri. Once you’ve picked the car you can add accessories to customize the look. There are even accessories for your track, increasing the realism and the fun.

How It Works

The Driving school system is simple and effective. All kids take part in a short lesson that teaches them how to use their cars and what the basic road signs mean. Once this is complete they can head out onto the ‘open road’. Every child may receive a personalized license at the end of this lesson which allows them to drive, you can even have a ‘police person’ check their licenses.
At this point, you can create several scenarios that will test the knowledge they’ve learned and help them to have fun.
All the vehicles are electric, there are smaller versions of these kids cars that utilize one 12V battery. This is the cheaper option and the one that offers a range of functions, but not as many as the full driving school vehicle.
This has a 24V system and a complete array of functions, allowing the children to really appreciate the pleasure and responsibility of being behind the wheel.
The 24V version is a great choice for maximum enjoyment and skill development. They also a have a higher autonomy thanks to the double batteries. However, many parks opt for the 12V option due to the limited budget but still getting their desired driving school attraction. Both options will allow the kids to learn basic road safety, both are a good choice.

The Benefits Of Kids Driving School

Deciding to invest in driving school edutainment means that you’re helping kids to learn while having fun. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits. There are several you should be thinking about when you choose the kids karts from Eurogames:


Children are never too young to learn about the rules of the road. You can talk to them about the importance of being safe, looking before crossing roads, and paying attention to road signs. But, that’s just part of the story and most of what you say isn’t going to be heeded. You may ask why?
The answer is simple, it often doesn’t seem relevant and you’ll lose their attention.
But, put them behind the wheel of a kart and they have to obey the rules of the road, or they’re going to have an accident. In fact, staging an accident is a great training aid, still keeping a high level of safety as all eurogames products. Of course, it’s fun to pretend to be a real driver, that fun will keep their interest and help them to absorb the rules you’re teaching them.
The best part is that barely any tuition is needed. Kids think they’re just having fun but they’re learning valuable road safety lessons in the process.


You’re teaching a child about road safety and this could literally save their life. But, you’re also giving them the basic knowledge required to drive a car. While they’ll have a lot to learn this is a great way to introduce older children to the concept of driving and get them off on the right foot.
In other words, they’ll have a better understanding of the rules of the road before they even sit in a ‘real’ car.


As already mentioned, these kids driving school cars can be fully customized to meet your requirements. The track can also be modified to keep it interesting for the children. Using Eurogames means you’re getting high-quality cars and are virtually guaranteed to make a good return on your investment.
If you own a park, manage a school, or just looking at new opportunities, you need to order these karts today, it’s likely to be the best investment you ever make.


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Article by admin 13 April 2020

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