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We often ask ourselves if a bigger car determines more power. Well we think that the smile on kids’ faces gets bigger when they play with something larger. Bigger means more power and greater fun!

Eurogames’ Big cars are the perfect attraction for children over 8 years of age that wants to feel the adventure under their feet. This kind of attraction is a great alternative to other standard-sized battery-operated cars for customized enviroments or rougher terrains, representing the best solution for having amusement rides. Big cars can comfortably carry an adult and a child to share the driving experience in complete safety.
In particular, with their lenght of 2 meters, Eurogames’ battery operated Big Cars are among the biggest in the industry. The newest model is named “Outlander” and it has incredible features:

Featuring accelerator and brake pedals;
Reverse gear;
– Head and tail lights;
– Brake and turning lights;
Shocks absorbers;
– Disc brakes.

This amazing model can do up to 18 (km/h) and his powerfull 800w brushed motor offers a superior durability and the best performances thanks to differential gear and two wheel drive. And nobody will never miss their ride with a 24V/120Ah battery that can be powered up to 6 hours!
Eurogames’ big cars are available in 3 models to suit different enviroments and settings, and they are specially designed for amusment venues like Amusement park games and Family Fun Centers, running outdoor or indoor on any paved or unpaved surface.

Nowadays, Eurogames has a BIG mission, living in the digital era: we want to engage kids in the healthy fun of a big car race or a bumper boat rush in water fight, testing their skills and interacting with others in real, exciting games. Eurogames’ rides give everybody, children and adults alike, the thrilling wonder and timeless entertainment that we all love.

Visit our big car page and let us show you the power of BIG!

Give us a call today at +39 0543 796665 or start chatting on Facebook!

Article by admin 17 April 2018

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