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Happiness is real when shared: Twin Space Mini Cars

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Someone said that “happiness is real when shared”. Starting from this view, Eurogames proposes a wide range of double seat mini cars, different for both models and colours. Sharing experience and fun is a unique emotion: the two seats allow kids, and sometimes adults, to experience a “squared” fun, with all the Eurogames safety features. Our two seats have an autonomy of 4-6 hours with a maximum speed of 10 km / h. In case of some budding racers have the excitement for driving before their twin space mini carsfeet can reach the pedals, our 2 seats mini cars allow adults to ride with them. Passengers can also check the brakes and steering! This type of model is a real example of the wide range of Eurogames’ products: two-seaters mini-cars give all children the chance to experience unprecedented emotions and clashes!

And, as anticipated before, share happiness and these emotions provide a live and real experience, almost like a real racing rally (with pilot and co-pilot). As far as technical specifications are concerned, the two-seater children’s mini-car has been designed, projected and produced by EuroGames according to the latest technology and using strong steel structures protected by a well designed and secured fiberglass. In addition, all mini-cars are equipped with a D.C. electric motor and an AGM battery. Mini-cars are a passion. There is no more joy to see the look on our client’s face when they see their 2 seaters mini cars ready to go.

Eurogames is a company that Eurogame Mini Cars Teamcombines this passion with professionalism: our mini cars are built on the basis of this synergy.

We sell our products in more than 100 countries, bringing our reality to the eyes and the fun of each child. And to return to the inception of this article, if happiness is real when shared, then we should educate our children to be altruistic and to live real feelings, values that Eurogames wants to bring all over the world.

And as we always said, having fun is the best thing in the world!

To find out the list of our products and have a look to all other mini cars 100% made in Italy, please click on this link.

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Article by admin 8 November 2017

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