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Eurogames designs, manufactures and distributes its products since 1969 and sells them in over 100 countries worldwide.

Battery operated baby animals, mini cars, bumper cars, bumper boats, go-karts for adults, driving school cars, tracks, pools, decorations and murals. We also offer custom-themed environments.

Props and decorations for tracks, charging stations, money changers, benches, traffic lights, road signs and much more!

Yes, all our products are CE certified. Our mini cars are equipped with serial number plates.

Yes, every car is equipped with a user manual in English. We can also provide manuals in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.

Yes. All Eurogames products carry a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Yes. Eurogames products can be ordered in custom colors, custom art painting and custom made stickers. We also design and craft customized bodies, decorations and environments for our rides.

Yes. Most of our cars have 2 seats and one seat can be used by the parent or other accompanying adult.

Yes, both directly and through our authorized dealers worldwide.

Monday through Friday from 8.30AM to 6.00PM (GMT +1).
Our European offices are closed on April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd, November 1st, December 8th
Summer holidays: Two weeks in August
Winter Holidays: from December 23rd to January 10th

Yes, of course. Our website provides all the schematics and codes of each model and each component, which can be easily ordered by an online form.

Our inventory features replacement/spare parts spanning 10 years.

Yes, we ship all over the world by land, sea and air.

They can run on a track with concrete or asphalt pavement, wood flooring, synthetic or real ice and basically on any other smooth surface.

It depends on the models. Approximately, the minimum recommended width is 6 ½ feet (2 meters) and the maximum is 11 ½ feet (3 meters).

Even though asphalt would appear to be the best surface, experience has proven concrete to be a better surface and asphalt not to be cost effective over the long term.
Concrete lasts longer, will not break up in the turns, is light-colored, and it does not heat up in the sun as much as asphalt does. The extra heat and rough surface of asphalt can wear out a set of tires in 2 weeks during the peak of the season. In addition, the safety rail shoe tends to sink into the asphalt and it becomes impossible to maintain a consistent rail height. The concrete track should be finished as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind it is easy to acid etch a smooth surface to make it rougher, but it is very hard to make it smoother.

The ultimate speed is not the purpose. It isn’t how fast it goes, but how fun it is. In the interest of safety and reduced maintenance costs, we generally recommend a maximum track speed based on the type of battery car you are using. Design the track for multiple utility battery car and you will save in case you want to increase the number of cars or change the car range for different hours of the day.

Depending on the number of battery cars, how busy your track is and if it includes interactive features, no more than one operator is usually required. Eurogames has also developed experimental projects that require no operational supervision.

Of course. The usage of remote shut-off systems has increased to the point that very few Eurogames products are shipped without them. We install a digital control box system. This system uses a main control box that can monitor the mini-car by communicating with a receiver that we normally provide, included in the price of our product. The receiver is integrated into the box system and allows the track operator to “control” the ride. Many States regulations require all battery cars to be equipped with remote shut-off systems, so check with your State regulatory bodies.

Our price includes all the accessories that your car needs to run on your track. Batteries are usually not included in the price. Eurogames pricing is plain and transparent, you will not experience any additional cost surprise.

Yes. Eurogames only builds electric, battery powered bumper boats.

It varies, depending on the number of bumper boats. Typically, our bumper boat pool’s recommended size is 40’x20′ (12×6 meters) for 4 bumpers, 54’x27′ (16×8 meters) for 7 bumpers or 66’x33′ (20×10 meters) for 11 bumpers.

For children’s safety, Eurogames pools are usually built using one basic layout consisting of an iron frame and deck with vinyl liner panels, which can fit above or below ground. Liner type bumper boat pools typically require minimal maintenance over the course of many years of operations.

Most docks are concrete and have two entry and exit handrails. These are spaced so as to allow the attendant to use one to steady themselves while helping the customer who can use the other dock rail as well as the assistance of the attendant. Avoid using swimming pool handrails, as they are too low and if not carefully installed, can overhang the water too far and damage the hull of the boat. Bumper boats are always good fun and appeal to all ages. With a minimum rider, they enjoy a large customer base.

Depending on your area’s market conditions, you can expect a fully equipped bumper boats pool to cost approximately $11 per square foot. A nice pool equipped with for example ten boats can be made for as little as $55,000; not bad when expected first year revenue is normally two times that much.

Yes. Eurogames only builds electric, battery powered bumper cars.

It varies, depending on the number of bumper cars. Typically, our bumper cars enclosure’s recommended size is 25’x25′ (7.5×7.5 meters) for 4 bumpers, 30’x30′ (9×9 meters) for 5 bumpers or 35’x35′ (10.5×10,5 meters) for 8 bumpers.

For children’s safety, our bumper car floors are built using one basic layout consisting of an iron frame and marine-grade wood panels simply laid on the ground within the metal frame on a flat surface. No drilling is required.

Depending on your area’s market conditions, you can expect a fully equipped bumper cars enclosure to cost approximately $35 per square foot. A nicely equipped area with 5 bumper cars can be made for as little as $30,000; not bad when the expected first year revenue is normally three times that much.

The timer regulates the speed of the car, the ride span, the number of tokens, the language, the type of music and the sound’s volume.

Yes. The timer allows for a “FREE” option. It is recommended to use it sparely in order to keep track of the ride span for each child.

All Eurogames cars are equipped with a digital timer that can be set from 0 to 999 minutes. The average span of a ride is typically 2 to 3 minutes.

Thanks to the token-operated digital timer, the price of the ride can be set and changed over time. Depending on your country, the ride span and the context where the attraction operates the price can range from $.50 to $2.00.

In our experience, tokens are preferable to coins because they are more flexible and reduce the risk of the vending machines to be tampered with or vandalized. Moreover, tokens can have a higher face value than coins and include fractions (e.g. 1 token = $1.25) and allow for promotional sales (e.g. 1 token = $1.00, 6 tokens = $5.00).

Yes. Our Baby Animal rides are perfect for children 3 to 5 years old. They run at a very low speed and allow children to have fun safely. Our Baby Animal rides are a great attraction for shopping centers and all venues where space is a factor, as their installation requires minimal square-footage.

Our Baby Animal products use minimal power and their battery can run for a whole day, provided of course that the battery is correctly operated and maintained.

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