How many hours can battery-operated cars for kids last?

How many hours can battery-operated cars for kids last?

As a child, have you ever got frozen in front of a toy shop? As a battery-operated car goes on a test drive inside a toy shop, it’s difficult for children not to get swayed by the fascinating journey. As they grow a little older, baby toy battery cars start to lose their appeal a little. Then, it is time for some fun driving battery-operated cars for kids in amusement parks.

The amusement parks and family fun centres offer go-kart racing and mini car riding in exchange for some coins. However, not all the family centres are the same, with the quality of the battery car for a child and the racing tracks differing significantly from one place to another. Obviously, the better the quality of the vehicles, the safer and more exciting it will be to drive. Nevertheless, it’s easier said than done as the amusement park owner also needs to think from the perspective of maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and longevity.

 Nothing worries amusement park managers more than the range or the battery life when it comes to operations and maintenance. Just like the prospective buyers of a fully-equipped EV, the buyers of the battery car for kids need to consider all aspects of battery life, ride duration in a single charge, time to recharge, etc. The availability of the necessary chargers and spare batteries are some other concerns. Nothing to worry about, though, as in this guide, we will inform you about all the battery-related worries you may have for battery-operated cars for kids.


How do baby battery cars get power?

As you may know, there are a wide variety of battery-operated cars for kids. It includes mini vehicles, go-karts, baby rides, driving school cars, bumper cars, etc. Despite the types, the battery solution seems to be the same, especially for top-quality manufacturers like Eurogames. In all of their baby cars, they use AGM batteries with different power capacities. Depending on the size of the cars and designs, the manufacturer also uses one or more batteries in each.

AGM stands for absorbed glass mat battery that comes with a unique glass mat separator. The purpose of the partition is to wick the solutions between different plates. As a result, the electrolyte solutions can be stored in suspended form. This storing technique helps the batteries to hold up charges for months.


Are AGM Batteries Suitable for the Battery Car for Kids?

The use of a glass mat makes AGM batteries heavy and expensive. So, how come they are suitable for a theme park? The answer lies in the question, as the heaviness is there for a reason. The unusual design allows this particular battery to withstand many charging cycles, making them regarded as the perfect leisure batteries. Furthermore, this kind of power unit can hold till 400 full recharging cycles, suffering just slight battery degradation during the years.  If you sum up all these benefits, you will realize how perfectly they suit your amusement park’s needs.


How Long a Battery Car for a Child Runs on a Single Charge?

The duration of battery-operated cars for kids is crucial to the success of your theme park business. A longer charge cycle would mean less recharging needs, reduced electric bills, and continuous operation of your racing tracks. While longevity depends on a host of factors, each Eurogames car is designed to last between 4-8 hours on a single charge. It means that you can expect your battery operated cars for kids to last a full day of racing fun, albeit with some breaks in between. As Eurogames already measured and planned for the power needs of each of their designs, they equip different cars with one or more batteries, providing a consistent run time for any vehicles or rides you choose.


How Long Does It Take to Recharge Baby Battery Cars?

Recharging the batteries is another issue that can profoundly impact the maintenance needs of your family fun centre. Fortunately, you can fully recharge a high-quality AGM battery in six to eight hours. You will need to use the most compatible chargers and accessories to get a consistent recharge cycle. You should also invest in some spare batteries to safeguard against a busy day.

To conclude, the life cycle and the charging cycle of AGM batteries work similarly to those of the lithium battery in our smartphones. If you repeatedly drain the power unit to zero percent and then recharge it fully again, then your battery will degrade earlier than the average lifespan. Therefore, it is always suggested to recharge the battery even after a couple of operation hours.

What are the advantages of battery-powered Go-Karts?

What are the advantages of battery-powered Go-Karts?

In a theme park or a family amusement centre, the aim is to offer the best possible environment for children to have fun and grow. It allows the families to have a memorable day out, playing with different rides and cars and learning some new skills in the process. However, if rides like battery-powered go-karts for kids emit carbons and fumes with children on them, can it be a good thing? But if doing so causes irreversible damage to the earth, then what’s the point? After all, the kids would need to have a clean, sustainable, and lively world to grow up. They also shouldn’t pay a hefty price for having some innocent fun at the park. 

To that point, it is a responsibility for amusement park owners and managers to have essential safety measures in the fun centres – both for the rides and for the environment. Fortunately, more and more engines are gearing toward battery-powered operations, allowing the theme park rides to be friendly to the environment. As the manufacturing technique advances, fun rides like bumper cars, go-karts, mini-cars also become more efficient.

The electric revolution is so good that some manufacturers like Eurogames now offer a catalogue full of electric cars and rides. Among the items, today, we will be focusing on the battery-operated go-karts and discuss their key advantages. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Battery-powered Go-karts for Kids are Fast to be Fast

How long it takes for a go-kart to go fast depends on quite a few factors like engine capacity, power ignition, acceleration, and so on. If you have a car, you know all about it. Regardless, if the kids have a need for speed, they can effortlessly satisfy that with electric go-karts. These go-karts are more efficient than other versions too. As battery-powered engines take less time to start and come with instant torque, you can reach the maximum speed as soon as pressing the throttle.

The efficient change in speed is particularly advantageous for indoor racing circuits, whereby the tracks tend to be relatively more minor stretches with quick turns. In long outdoor ways, the go-karts enhance the speed racing fun. Electric go-karts are more lifelike, anyways, with most F1 cars now using electric engines to boost their speed and power.


Battery-Operated Go-karts are Environment Friendly 

As all EV buyers know, electric cars are sustainable alternatives to our traditional, gas-guzzling vehicles. All of the reasons that apply to an adult car applies to the electric go-karts, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. The impact is in no way negligible, though, with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting some 350-miles equivalent of emission from fuel-based leisurely engines. A battery-powered go-kart for kids can reduce that – slowly but surely.

Electric go-karts don’t release fumes or harmful gases in the atmosphere. Thus, they help in protecting the ozone layer and actively participate in reducing the greenhouse gas effects. With no fumes to guzzle, battery-operated go-karts can also have a profound impact on ensuring children’s healthy breathing. Not having to breathe in harmful chemicals, children should also remain fresh and clean even after multiple rides. 

Another great benefit is that electric go-karts run smoothly and quietly, without the ear-shattering noise of other options. The accompanying adults are sure to be impressed with that.


Superior Safety of Battery-operated Go-karts for Kids

The baby versions of the battery-powered go-karts are perfectly safe for children between 3 to 14-years of age. As the electric karts allow the operator to adjust the speed as per the skill level, it will enable more control over the speed limit. So, if a child is starting, you can just set the speed to a limit comfortable for them. As they gain some experience, the speed can always get a bump.

Depending on the manufacturer, there should be some other safety features in the vehicle. Eurogames, for example, equips their battery-powered go-karts with programmable stop sensors on top of the electric standard disk brake. Hence, if you opt for a high-quality go-kart with a battery, you will have no worries about accidental damages.


A Step to the Future

From the batteries to the overall look and feel, electric go-karts look modern, sleek, and trendy. Fast acceleration, excellent safety, and admirable longevity are some of their traits that never fail to impress the riders or the managers. The batteries are very capable, too, with 4-8 hours run time and a similar charging cycle.

Besides, if you look around the world, you will see an unstoppable force toward an electric future; everything from cars, household appliances, industrial machinery, and entertainment are embracing the steps to realise the earth’s pollution-free dreams. By investing in Eurogames battery-powered go-karts for kids, you can also participate in the revolution.

How to choose Go-Kart

How to choose Go-Kart

Go-Kart Single

Make your Family Fun Centre or amusement park the most attractive amusement venue in town with the powerful Go-Kart Single. As the name suggests, it is a single-seater Go-Kart with a dimension of 28H x 36W x 60L in inches and a capacity of up to 90kg. Therefore, it is perfect for any children between the age of 6 to 16 years.

Go-Kart Single is equipped with an advanced moto-wheel-engine and powered by a rechargeable battery. Offering a minimum of Six hours long battery life, our Go-Kart Single can often last the rigorous of a full day on a single charge (charger not included). It can also run very fast, thanks to the engine that can reach up to 20 km/h and offers a turning radius of 130 inches. Equipped with features such as brake pedals, disk brake and accelerator; it is not only a delight to drive but also very safe to handle.

Go-Kart single can be used to run both outdoors and indoors, albeit on a smooth concrete or asphalt track; making it suitable for almost any amusement venues. It has a range of 30 – 999sec playtime, while also featuring a standard coin mechanism and programmable stop sensor.

In order to offer the children a variety of attractive choices, Go-Kart Single is available in six different colours – green, red, blue, black, orange, and white. It is also adorned with attractive racing graphics, making it easily the star of non-extreme racing.

At Eurogames, we maintain the highest quality standards and take all the precautionary measures to ensure the maximum safety of our Go-Kart Singles. They are durable, reliable and requires very little maintenance even after many hours of driving; making it the perfect investment for your amusement centres or parks.

Go-Kart Double

Enhance the Go-Karting fun in your amusement venue with the amazing Go-Kart Double manufactured by Eurogames. It is specifically designed to be used in different Amusement Parks and Family Fun Centers and runs perfectly on concrete tracks, asphalt tracks, or any other smooth tracks irrespective whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Our Go-Kart Double is a two-seater vehicle that is equipped with a powerful motor engine. The engine has a capacity of 780W and is powered by a long-lasting battery. The battery lasts between 4-8 hours on a single charge, removing the hassle of recharging it over and over again on a working day. Thanks to the features such as standard coin mechanism, elaborated playtime ranging from 30-sec to 999-sec, as well as a programmable stop sensor; Go-Kart Double is always up for a non-extreme racing game. The back seat also makes it an appealing proposition for families with more than one children.

It offers an incredibly enjoyable ride for children between 6 to 16 years of age with a top speed of 20 km/h with 1 or 2 speeds and a turning radius of 340cm. Thanks to the presence of tools such as double brake pedals, disk brake and accelerator, it is also very safe to drive on. It is also spacious enough to seat two children at the same time quite comfortably. The availability of six different colours – Black, White, Green, Blue, Orange, and Red; as well as the attractive graphical details makes it an appealing ride for the children too.

As is the norm at Eurogames, Go-Kart Double is manufactured with utmost care; maintaining the highest quality standards guaranteed by our Made in Italy promises. Therefore, they make up for a safe, reliable, and long-lasting investment for your amusement venue; ensuring yours is the best in town.

Go-Kart single Drifting

Enhance the glamour and attraction of your amusement parks or Family Fun Centers with the incredible Go-Kart Single Drifting. Completely made in Italy, it offers an unmatched standard of quality and reliability; making it a popular choice for any amusement venues irrespective of whether indoors and outdoors. It runs perfectly on any asphalt tracks or smooth surfaces built with concrete.

Go-Kart Single Drifting has a dimension of 28H x 36W x 60L in inches with a capacity to carry up to 90kg of weights. The padded seat enables for any children between 6 to 12 years of age to sit and drive comfortably in a non-extreme racing environment. Whereas, the incredible variety of six different colours – Black, Red, Blue, White, Orange, and Green with attractive graphical details immediately attracts the attention of a driving-enthusiast child.

It is an electric Go-Kart with a powerful 780W engine. The engine is powered by a rechargeable as well as an easily swappable battery that can last between 4-8 hours on a single charge. The incredible longevity of the battery ensures the rides to continue without any interruptions, lessening the maintenance burden in the process. With a top speed of 10km per hour and a modest 340cm turning radius, this Go-Kart ensures a very enjoyable ride every time.

Made with the highest precautionary safety measures, our Go-Karts Single Drifting is very safe to drive too. Equipped with features such as double pedal brake, accelerometers, and disk brake makes it an ideal Go-Kart for any driver. There is also a programmable stop sensor.

To ensure smooth operations, Go-Kart Single Drifting is equipped with a standard coin mechanism, and an easy to use playing time setting ranging from 30-second to 999-second. Thanks to the use of robust materials, it also lasts for a long time.

Go-Kart Double Drifting

Offer a memorable ride to children visiting your Family Fun Centers or Amusement Park with our Go-Kart Double Drifting. It is designed specifically for amusement venues, with a lot of easy-to-use features ensuring a smooth operation. Safe, durable, and greatly versatile, it is also a rewarding investment for any amusement establishment – whether fixed or mobile.

Go-Kart Double Drifting is a 2-seater Go-Kart with enough room to offer a comfortable setting for two children. The dimension of 28H x 36W x 60L in inches, along with a capacity of carrying up to 90kg of weights, it enables any two children aged 6 and above to have a delightful time racing in a non-competitive environment. The powerful 780W brushed motor engine can reach up to 20km/h with 1 or 2 speeds, while its 340cm turning radius allows for speedy turnings. To power up the engine, it relies on a rechargeable battery with a run time of between 4-8 hours. The long life of battery lessens the need to swap and change the batteries again and again on a busy day, ensuring uninterrupted, hassle-free service.

Go-Kart Double Drifting is also very safe with a number of advanced safety features in place. It comes with a double pedal brake, disk brake, and two accelerators. There is also a programmable stop sensor button to leave no stone unturned in making it as safe as possible. Thanks to the presence of a standard coin mechanism as well as a variable playing time setting with 30 -999 seconds, it pretty much can operate by itself without much help from the service personnel.

Our Go-Kart Double Drifting is made with the highest standards promised in our Made in Italy quality assurance so that you can relax and rip the benefits of your investment at ease.

Every wish can be customized!

Eurogames has 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of amusement rides and kids attractions and his unique features made it well known all over the world.


It’s really important to choose what kind of adventures embark. Everybody has their own preferences, their own goals to achieved so to reach this objectives is necessary the best equipment. Eurogames can provide it: all the Eurogames products can be ordered in custom colors, and can be equipped with custom art painting, custom made stickers and many others details.

The purpose of Eurogames is that each customer can have the product they had imagined so we also design and craft customized bodies, decorations and enviroments for our rides. If you want to create a themed scene on your track we can design your Mini Car as you prefer. With Eurogames is also possible to choose accessories and decorations and costumize the track layout for every requirements.

You can choose every details of your rides: from the color of cars’ body to the railing and the border of the track; from the shape of the track to the stickers and the drawings.

Eurogames can provide full design and construction support for tracks, themed environments, props and accessories to maximize the appeal of your Mini Car, Bumper Car, Driving School, Bumper Boat, Baby Animals area and the profitability of your investment.

To discover all the amusement rides available visit our website and follow us on Facebook!