Amusement Park Ride Types

Amusement Park Ride Types

A variety of amusement park ride types is certainly a must-have for any family park or entertainment centre. You would want to attract guests to come and you also want them to enjoy the rides so much that they would want to try them again or come back to your park many times more. If you want amusement park rides that are fun and exciting yet safe for your park guests, you should definitely look into Eurogames’ collection of popular rides!

Eurogames has been in the business of manufacturing different types of rides at amusement parks for over 50 years now. Being in this business long enough makes Eurogames one of the most reputable and respected names in the industry.

What Types of Rides in Amusement Park are Most Popular?

Rides in amusement parks are created for children of all ages and adults too. Some are made just for fun while others can be a little more extreme. Bumper cars, Ferris wheels, carousels, and roller coasters are just some of the few most popular rides that are found in many amusement parks.

Eurogames Amusement Park Rides

At Eurogames, we use the highest quality materials and build our rides with the best standards in mind. We aim to keep our rides fun and exciting yet very durable and safe. Among our most in-demand amusement park rides are the following:

Mini Car and Mini Bike: It has been over 50 years since the very first Eurogames Mini Car was created and to date it is still the core business of Eurogames. Through the years, its quality and features have improved greatly but it managed to maintain the traditional quality and high standards of the brand. Eurogames Mini Cars and Mini Bikes are the first in the world to have a turbo boost feature and they are the most positionable products in the amusement park!

Go-Kart: A popular attraction in many amusement parks, the Go-Kart is certainly one of our most in-demand rides. You can choose between a one and two-seater Go-Kart that can drive speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour. Our Go-Kart can be used in both indoor and outdoor tracks and can run on asphalt, concrete, and other tracks with smooth surfaces.

Bumper Car: Many amusement park guests would look for the bumper car attraction first because a visit to the park wouldn’t be complete without one or a few rides! The first manufacturer of Battery operated Bumper Cars in Europe is Eurogames so you can expect safety, quality, and powerful features that have innovated and improved over the years. There are one-seater Mini Bumper Cars for kids up to 8-10 years old and the more powerful Bumper Car for teens and adults.

Baby Animal: The best ride for toddlers and kids up to 6 years old, the battery-operated Baby Animal ride of Eurogames features a 150W brushed motor and runs at low speeds to keep it a fun yet safe experience for the little ones. Best of all, it has special sensors to prevent collisions. There are currently 13 models found in the Safari, Jurassic, Farm, and Car variants.

Bumper Boat: Just like the favorite bumper car, the Bumper Boat is just as cool and exciting. It lets kids of all ages enjoy riding, maneuvering, and bumping into other boats in the water. Our two-seater Bumper Boats come in fun and attractive designs and has a capacity of up to 200 kilograms.

Big Car: The Big Car is a battery-operated car and the biggest you will find in the industry. It’s like a mini version of a real car with all the features you would want to get such as an accelerator, brake pedals, reverse, signal lights, headlights, and more. Its 800W brushed motor and speeds of up to 18 kilometres per hour make it the perfect attraction for kids over 6 years old and adults alike. They can be driven on smooth surfaces and even rougher terrains too!

Qualities of Top Amusement Park Rides

When looking for the best amusement park rides, there are several qualities that each ride must have. What types of rides in amusement park are most popular? The beautiful, fun, and safe ones, of course!

Variation is important but consistency is just as valuable. When you run an amusement park, it would be ideal to have something different that will make your rides stand out from the rides found at other amusement parks. You can look for special features or unique designs.

At the same time, park guests would also like a consistent line of rides. They’re looking for some familiarity in the place and so Mini Car and Bumper Cars, among others, remain the most popular choice for many. Guests most likely tried them before, had a lot of fun, and would like to try again!

All type of amusement park rides should also be built with the highest standards. Although some rides might be slower or less extreme than others, they must still be very safe and durable. Weight capacities should be high and there should be safety features as well.

Finally, you must make sure that you will be getting your rides from a reputable manufacturer. At Eurogames, we bring different types of rides amusement parks, and with each ride, we always make sure that fun, high quality, and safety is prioritized at all times!

Amusement Park Ride Manufacturers

Amusement Park Ride Manufacturers

For over 50 years now, we have been one of the top amusement park ride manufacturers producing some of the best and most entertaining rides ever created. With dealers in over 10 countries across different continents, we are undoubtedly one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Whether you are a dealer, if you are building an amusement park, or leveling up your park, we are here to assist and would love to discuss your project with you.

There are a lot of amusement park ride manufacturers in Europe and the rest of the world, but it is very important to deal with a tried, tested, and trusted company. Aside from being fun, beautiful, and enjoyable, these rides must be built with the highest-quality materials and exceptional safety in mind. Therefore, it is necessary to work with a dependable manufacturer.

What to Look for When Choosing and Buying Amusement Park Rides

When you are buying amusement park rides for your park or entertainment centre, there are several qualities and characteristics you should be considering and looking for. It is not as easy as going to any random manufacturer you come across. You must find the best among the many amusement park ride manufacturers.


Characteristics of the Best Amusement Park Ride

Safety is Top Priority:
No matter how pretty, fun-looking and affordable an amusement park ride is, the first things you should always be considering is its safety standards. Parents expect these rides to be perfectly fine and entrust their kids’ safety to you. So you must make sure that you can meet their expectations.

High-Quality Materials:
Every amusement park ride should be built with very high-quality materials. They should be absolutely solid and must have high weight limits. Not only will these quality materials make the ride more durable and long-lasting, but it can also add to the overall safety of the ride.

Attractive Design:
Of course, rides must look attractive too. They can come in different designs and colours. They should look cool and beautiful so your park visitors would want to ride them.

Fun and Exciting Features:
Last but definitely not least, your amusement park rides should have fun and exciting features too. For instance, the cars of an amusement park ride have a speed that stays within the same limit, but they should be powerful enough to make your park visitors scream with glee. They should also have special features that make them stand out from other ordinary rides.

Most importantly, you should be dealing with a reputable and reliable amusement park ride manufacturer. Tried and tested by numerous entertainment centre owners for decades now, you can never go wrong with the rides you can get with us. Aside from high-quality standards, top quality materials, excellent designs, and exciting features, you can expect the utmost safety and durability with amusement park rides from Eurogames.


Favorite Amusement Park Rides

Amusement parks aim to offer a unique experience to their visitors so that people will enjoy their visit and look forward to coming back. While many rides are similar to each other, the experience can differ greatly especially if the amusement park ride is made with the highest standards in mind. They must look appealing, exciting, and safe all at the same time.

The Best Amusement Park Rides from Eurogames

Rides are the main highlights of any amusement park. Millions of people flock to these places of entertainment yearly to unwind and have fun. Among the favorite amusement park rides from Eurogames are the following:

The Eurogames Go-Kart is a very popular amusement park ride ever created. It is made for children 6 years old and above, but adults will surely have a great time on these too. The battery-operated Go-Kart comes in one- and two-seater variants that feature an accelerator that can take you up to 20 kmh in 1 or 2 speeds. It is equipped with a 780W brush motor, electric brakes, and brake pedals for exciting yet very safe and non-extreme racing experience.

Bumper Boat
100% made in Italy, Eurogames Bumper Boats are battery-operated and can run for up to 6 hours. As one of the top amusement park ride manufacturers, you can be sure that these Bumper Boats are built with very high standards – truly solid with a 200 kg weight capacity. Other fun functions come with it such as sound effects, music, speed, and playtime. Even better, they come in fun characters such as Dolphins, Pirate, Galaxy, Frog, Swan, and more.

Bumper Car
A family entertainment centre wouldn’t be complete without a Bumper Car. Available in Space, Hyper, and Ice models along with 5 basic colors, you can choose to customize Eurogames Bumper Cars according to your design preferences. There are two variants available – a smaller one-seat Mini Bumper Car built for kids 3 to 8 years old and a larger Bumper Car that’s powerful enough to give adults a very exciting experience. They also have safety features so that two bumper cars in an amusement park ride collide elastically, smoothly, and safely.

As a top amusement park ride manufacturer, Eurogames offers many more rides for little kids, teens, and adults. There’s the Baby Animal, Mini Car or Bike, Big Car, and a lot more. Is there a ride you have in mind?

Contact us or one of our authorized dealers for inquiries!

Your Guide To Building A Baby Car Race Track

Your Guide To Building A Baby Car Race Track

Despite the name, a baby car race track is not a track designed for babies to race around. It simply refers to the fact that these vehicles are smaller than standard. You could drive them on the main road but you’re going to be slow and pretty small compared to the full-sized automobiles.
Baby cars and the tracks are designed for fun. Schools use them to create an educational experience for children, encouraging them to learn the rules of the road from an early age. Driving schools can use them to help pupils practice before they hit the ‘big’ roads. Theme parks and playgrounds purchase them to provide an enjoyable experience for their customers. Individuals buy them just for the fun of it!
It doesn’t matter what the reason for the purchase is. If you’re purchasing a baby car or kids kart then you need a baby car race track to go around.

Designing & Building A Baby Car Race Track

The great news is that we offer a design service to help you design the best possible baby car track. Whether you’re looking to build your first track, extend the one you’ve got, or simply change the layout, we offer ours help to achieve your goals.
Choose the space you have available and the style of road network you want. The computer will suggest a selection of options that can all be completed with the space you have available.
You can even make the selection by budget.
Once we’ve worked out the design of your baby car race track you’ll be ready to order the parts and build it. Simply order them and assemble them when they arrive.
Tracks are surprisingly easy to put together, your existing flat surface acts as the road while we supply all the obstacles, junctions and other things you need to make the experience authentic.
Of course, you can purchase also the baby cars from us, or even use mini bikes. All options are available and will ensure the experience is fun and educational.

Baby Car Track Accessories & Decorations – Choosing The Right Ones

The key to getting a great track established lies in having the right track accessories. We offer traffic lights, a huge array of road signs, give way junctions, and we suggest to create some zebra crossing to make it make it more real. All these accessories are designed to make the experience realistic, as well as fun.
But, that’s not all. You can also purchase track decorations, these include policemen, emergency vehicles, railings or borders for safety, buildings, and so much more. You can literally create the track of your dreams.
That’s one of the best things about buying through us of Eurogames. The ability to design your own track and customize it means you’re unlikely to find another one the same. That’s good news whether you’re building a baby car race track for a small FEC (Family Entertainment Center) or one for a big Theme Park or Amusement park.

Additional Features To Convince You To Buy

We have in excess of 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing baby cars, tracks, bumper boats, and other kids’ amusement park rides.
Our firm designs and manufactures their own cars, affording you the opportunity to customize every vehicle in whatever manner you please! That’s certain to set your baby car race track apart from anyone else’s.
But, we also offer a huge array of accessories to ensure your track has everything it needs. Alongside this is excellent customer support, an adaptable approach, and a fantastic reputation. The company is dedicated to providing the very best experience for every one of its customers.
They’re made with the typical Italian approach to styling and sold worldwide, think of them as the Ferrari of baby cars and tracks.

Choosing The Right Partner

There is only one sensible choice when it comes to choosing a baby car race track partner: Eurogames.
We don’t just know what we’re doing, we have the experience and the reputation to back it up. In short, if you want to be assured that you’re purchasing a quality baby car track, and accessories to go with it, you need to be talking to us.
You’ll get personal service, advice, and great after-sales support, whether you buy one car or an entire fleet. That kind of service is hard to find, which is why you need to contact us today and get the wheels rolling!


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Kids driving school

Is It Time You Invested In A Kids Driving School?

Theme parks and playgrounds need to keep reinventing themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition. Of course, adding huge roller coasters is usually not an option because of the cost and the target market.
That’s where the kids driving school experience comes into its own. Investing in kids karts is one of the best ways to increase the popularity of your site, and boost profits in the process.
The impressive kid’s cars sold by Eurogames are not the only products you should be considering adding to your space, check out the array of other options, including mini bikes, bumper boats, baby animals, and even bigger go-karts for family fun.
This company also offers left-hand drive karts, making it the perfect option for many countries around the world.


Choosing The Right Kart

The kart for driving school use is a kart that has been designed specifically for this role. That’s where eurogames step in. The karts supplied have working functions, just like a real car. Kids can operate the accelerator, brake, horn, turning lights, seatbelt, and even the lights. This ensures the experience is as lifelike as possible, making it fun and educational.
If you’re wondering why you should be choosing us the answer is surprisingly simple. We design and manufacture the karts ourselves, which means we can attest to the quality of the products.
It’s not just the karts that are high-quality. You’ll find an abundance of accessories available, including traffic lights, road signs, Start and Stop remote control and even emergency vehicles. All of these factors serve to make the experience more real and more enjoyable.
You’ll also find that every kart is customizable. There are an array of styles available, such as Cabrio, buggy, off-road, tractor, and even Capri. Once you’ve picked the car you can add accessories to customize the look. There are even accessories for your track, increasing the realism and the fun.

How It Works

The Driving school system is simple and effective. All kids take part in a short lesson that teaches them how to use their cars and what the basic road signs mean. Once this is complete they can head out onto the ‘open road’. Every child may receive a personalized license at the end of this lesson which allows them to drive, you can even have a ‘police person’ check their licenses.
At this point, you can create several scenarios that will test the knowledge they’ve learned and help them to have fun.
All the vehicles are electric, there are smaller versions of these kids cars that utilize one 12V battery. This is the cheaper option and the one that offers a range of functions, but not as many as the full driving school vehicle.
This has a 24V system and a complete array of functions, allowing the children to really appreciate the pleasure and responsibility of being behind the wheel.
The 24V version is a great choice for maximum enjoyment and skill development. They also a have a higher autonomy thanks to the double batteries. However, many parks opt for the 12V option due to the limited budget but still getting their desired driving school attraction. Both options will allow the kids to learn basic road safety, both are a good choice.

The Benefits Of Kids Driving School

Deciding to invest in driving school edutainment means that you’re helping kids to learn while having fun. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits. There are several you should be thinking about when you choose the kids karts from Eurogames:


Children are never too young to learn about the rules of the road. You can talk to them about the importance of being safe, looking before crossing roads, and paying attention to road signs. But, that’s just part of the story and most of what you say isn’t going to be heeded. You may ask why?
The answer is simple, it often doesn’t seem relevant and you’ll lose their attention.
But, put them behind the wheel of a kart and they have to obey the rules of the road, or they’re going to have an accident. In fact, staging an accident is a great training aid, still keeping a high level of safety as all eurogames products. Of course, it’s fun to pretend to be a real driver, that fun will keep their interest and help them to absorb the rules you’re teaching them.
The best part is that barely any tuition is needed. Kids think they’re just having fun but they’re learning valuable road safety lessons in the process.


You’re teaching a child about road safety and this could literally save their life. But, you’re also giving them the basic knowledge required to drive a car. While they’ll have a lot to learn this is a great way to introduce older children to the concept of driving and get them off on the right foot.
In other words, they’ll have a better understanding of the rules of the road before they even sit in a ‘real’ car.


As already mentioned, these kids driving school cars can be fully customized to meet your requirements. The track can also be modified to keep it interesting for the children. Using Eurogames means you’re getting high-quality cars and are virtually guaranteed to make a good return on your investment.
If you own a park, manage a school, or just looking at new opportunities, you need to order these karts today, it’s likely to be the best investment you ever make.


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How to choose bumper cars

How to choose bumper cars

The bumper car is seen as a staple of any funfair or amusement park. After all, how often do you get to deliberately drive your vehicle into someone else’s? There are those that state ‘no bumping’, which defines the point, and the name, of this fun activity. Fortunately, these are less common than those that actually want you to enjoy the experience.

Today’s modern bumper cars are much safer and have a rubber tube around them, this prevents damage, defuses some of the force of impact, and generally makes the bumper cars more amusing.
But, that doesn’t mean that all bumper cars are created equal, which is why you need to consider carefully before you purchase your fleet of bumper cars.

The Manufacturer

If you look at Eurogames you’ll find they have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing bumper cars and other amusement rides, for in excess of 50 years. This is important as only the manufacturer of these vehicles really understands the intricacies of their operation.
By choosing a company that manufactures and supplies the bumper cars you’re making it much easier to have any issues dealt with. Especially when the business has been going for many years and has a reputation to protect.
Don’t forget to check the reputation of your preferred manufacturer/supplier, they should have a media presence and plenty of positive feedback.

The Design

There are still plenty of examples of traditional bumper cars on the market and in funfairs. However, the modern bumper car is circular and has an air tube all the way around it. This creates great shock absorption while still allowing you to appreciate the fun of bumping someone.
Circular bumper cars are easy to control via the joysticks on each side and in the HYPER version they can spin when hit by lasers from other bumper cars, increasing the fun of driving. It should be noted that this ‘shoot & spin’ function isn’t available on all vehicles.
The important thing to note is that the design doesn’t have to be the traditional car with metal or rubber bumper, there are plenty of great designs on Eurogames which will make your amusement rife unique and fun.


The best bumper cars have two seats, this allows smaller children to enjoy the action while adults can sit in with them to ensure they are safe. Harnesses are also essential, no bumper car should be considered if it doesn’t have a harness fitted.


The more powerful is the bumper car the more fun it will be, with adjustable speed of course. Eurogames bumper cars are powered by two 12v batteries producing 305 watts of power. They can last for between 4-8 hours without needing to be recharged.
In short, if you have a flat surface and two or more of these then you’re in for a good time!


As well as choosing between circular bumper cars and the more conventional shaped bumper cars you will also need to consider the style of the cars. In most cases, they can be custom painted to suit your needs and the amusement ride you’re creating.
But, it is important to make sure this is possible if it’s not then you’ll need to check what styles the company provides and whether they will suit your needs.

Ease Of Maintenance

Bumper cars traditionally have a hard life, the constant jolting can dislodge parts and place additional stress on the engine. It’s important to know that the motors are high quality and they are direct-drive, no belts, no gear, maintenance free, they are easy to access, allowing you to maintain it regularly and repair when necessary.
It’s also important to consider the main control box. This is the electrical part, some manufacturer’s design it so that it controls everything, others design them individually, potentially allowing the car to run even if some of the functions are not working. That’s the better option if you’re trying to earn an income from the vehicles.


Offering support through purchasing, promotion, and installation of your venue is a great starting point. But, you also need a firm that will give you the support you need after you’ve purchased the cars.
It’s important to confirm what is included in after-sales and what will cost you extra, it can make a big difference to your bottom line. Our spare part service is always at disposal, with more than the 80% of spare parts on stock and ready to be delivered. A professional and Technical assistance by phone or emails can help you in case of any issue may occur.



The heart of a bumper car is the engine, the chassis and the body strength. You also need to be aware of the materials used to construct the car; These are likely to be bashed and can be damaged, potentially putting a car out of action.
It’s important to inspect a car before you commit to purchasing any, this will help to reassure you the construction is high-quality and it’s possible to repair it if necessary.


Your Gut

Finally, you should listen to your gut. That’s the instinct you get when you first see the bumper car and when you talk to the salespeople/suppliers/manufacturer.
You should feel comfortable with them as you’ll be hoping to build a relationship with them for the future. If you don’t feel it’s easy to talk to them then you should be looking at a different firm, you have enough going on when setting up this type of venture without giving yourself extra stress over dealing with the supplier.
In short, their customer service approach should be excellent.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to create a bumper car amusement venue you need to choose a firm that supplies bumper cars for this type of venue. The ones supplied by Eurogames are designed for heavy use, they have plenty of power and a variety of functions that will help to ensure they keep running and earning you an income even if parts stop working.
That’s important when you’re looking to earn a living, you can’t afford to have cars sat idle for any reason.


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The best go kart for kids

The best go kart for kids

Kids have a natural curiosity for the world around them and a lack of fear that allows them to try almost anything, pushing their limits while doing so. Unfortunately, many adults lose the ability to embrace fear, leaving them reluctant to try new things.
That’s why it is so important for children to be given as many opportunities as possible, it doesn’t just help them to become better adults, it can assist them in expending excess energy and discovering their own passions.
One thing that every child should experience is go karting. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as starting the engine and pushing your foot to the floor in order to get around the track as fast as you can. Throw in a little competition and you have the makings of the next Lewis Hamilton!
Whether you’re a parent looking to spoil their child or an amusement venue looking to improve what you currently offer, adding go karts to your repertoire is an excellent way to improve your popularity and potentially make some money on the process.
The trick to getting the best go karts for kids is in the purchasing process.

Selecting The Company

If you’re purchasing go karts for kids in order to add an additional amusement venue to what you already have, you need to choose the supplier carefully.
Your supplier needs to offer you a high level of support and must provide high-quality go karts. The best way to ensure this is the case is to choose a company with a good reputation and one that manufacturers and supplies its go karts itself. This is the safest way of ensuring you’re getting a premium product and all the support you need because the supplier knows the karts inside and out.
That’s why so many people choose Eurogames; a company that has over 50 years’ experience in the industry. It doesn’t just design, build, and supply you with go karts. The company will also give you the necessary support for the design and installation of the go karts, and be always at disposal for the after sales service. That makes them the best choice for go karts for kids, they’re more like a partner than a supplier!

The Karts

Eurogames Go-Karts are battery powered. This is to ensure young kids can enjoy the thrill of go karting safely, zero emissions.
You can choose between single karts, double karts, or even drift karts. They come with a 24v, 780W motor that gives a max speed of 20km/h (12mph). The battery should last between 4 and 6 hours and the body is made of fiberglass, to make it very strong and able to sustain up to around 180kg.
These go karts come with a programmable stop sensor and a coin mechanism that you can set to allow a rider to use the kart for between 10 and 990 seconds. Of course, you can also choose from a selection of colors.
The karts can be run on any smooth surface and they are made to a very high standard, ensuring you’ll get a reliable and worthwhile addition to your amusement park.
The intended age range is from 6 up, although you may find that teenage riders prefer a petrol-powered kart.
There are plenty of companies supply go karts but, if you want an electric kart that is safe and fun for kids, you need to be looking at Eurogames.


The Best Go Karts For Kids

Eurogames Go Kart

These battery-operated karts are designed for amusement venues. They have 780W brushed motors with dual pedals and the option of one or two seats, allowing parents to ride with their child and take control if necessary.
The karts are available in a wide choice of colors, can travel up to 20km/h, and you’ll find you’re fully supported by the company. The batteries last an impressive 4-6 hours of continuous operation!

The selection of go karts for amusement venues is actually surprisingly limited. Although children will have fun in any open-air vehicle, the safest, and therefore best option, for children over 6 and why not also some teenagers, is the Eurogames go kart. It provides power and fun without excessive speed and danger.
If you’re looking at setting up a go kart ride then you need to contact Eurogames today, you’ll benefit from their knowledge and experience, it will help you to create the perfect track for kids to enjoy with the best go karts for kids.
The simplicity of these go karts also means that there is very little to go wrong with them, ensuring the kids have fun and your bottom line stays healthy. When you choose Eurogames you’re not just a customer, you’re choosing to become part of the family.

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IAAPI Amusement Expo 2020

26th – 28th February 2020 – Mumbai

IAAPI Amusement Expo 2020

Come to Visit Us at IAAPI 2020 – STAND C27

Hall 2, Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO Compound, Mumbai

SEA – Saudi Entertainment & Amusement 2020

03rd – 05th February 2020 – Riyadh

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo 2020

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Eurogames turns 50: a world of amusement and family history

Last 23rd May Eurogames has celebrated the 50 years of his history. The company, founded by Domenico De Carlo, launched in the italian market the revolutionary automated battery car for kids. Today, Eurogames exports its amusement all over the world.

The company continues his family history: Fabio De Carlo is currently at the head of the company of the company with his two sons, Nicolas and Michael, by his side, both specialized and linked to the company for several years.

Many customers have decided to reach the Eurogames headquarters in Forlì, consolidating a link between the company and its customers which, in some cases, has lasted for over 20 years. These visits were also occasions for italian and foreign costumers to taste a touch of Romagna.

Even the Mayor of Forlì, Davide Drei, visited the company, testifying to the value it has Eurogames has for the city’s economy. CNA, an association to which Eurogames is associated, has given the company owner and the founder a commemorative plaque that celebrate the important milestone reached.

The event was also an opportunity to present the renewed establishments, which show the complete digitalization of the production processes in 4.0 and the new showroom with the latest models exposed.

A moment of encounter and fun, in which the craftsmanship and flavor of Romagna were the link between the productive and the convivial part. Obviously could not miss romagnolo food on the table with the buffet based on Passatelli, Piadina Romagnola and Sangiovese.

The intense and exciting day ended with the delivery of the plaques to the owner, to loyal employees and, of course, the cake’s cut.

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Eurogames: leader in kids driving experiences!

Do your kids have as idol some of the most famous F1 pilot? Do they spend so much time playing at racing video games? If they are so attracted to the thrill of the track, you definitely have to find the way to get them behind the wheel in the real world. Eurogames created the best driving experience for kids you could imagine: fun and well supervised ways for your sons and daughters to experience different kinds of drive adventures.

We offer a wide-range of driving experiences for kids: from the classic battery-operated go-karts for amusement venues like family fun centers and amusement parks to the funny bumper boats that kids can use to challenge their friends on the water speeding and racing to the last bump!

All our products guarantee a safe driving experience to all children; some of our cars are equipped with two seats to comfortably carry an accompanying adult or two young riders together because sharing the adventure is even more important than living it. Who said that kids have to wait to get their driving licence to enjoy the track? A ride on a mini car, mini bike, big car, go-kart, bumper car or bumper boat can be the best present you can give them for their birthday or to spend a special day together. This kind of amusement could also be a chance to learn something thanks to the Eurogames Driving School System: with this educational attraction, young drivers can experience the thrill of driving while actually learning not only how to get behind the wheel, but also the meaning of road signs and they can even receive their “driving licence”.

With Eurogames kids can have the best driving experience ever while enjoying rides that are 100% made in Italy: in fact, all of our products and all their components are completely produced in Italy in our 6500 square meter factory area in Forlì.

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