Now the adventure is also on the railway track with the new Baby Beetle Train

There is a very big new arrival in the big family of Eurogames baby car! After won the prestigious award “Best new product” during the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo at Orlando in Florida, the Eurogames Beetle becomes also a train.

Yes it’s real, you read well, we said train. To be precise, the correct name is “Baby Beetle Train” and it’s the new Eurogames’ creation is the perfect representation of the company’s philosophy that is focused on sharing amusement rides with friends and family. With Baby Beetle Train every child between 3 and 6 years can experience a ride on the track with one or two locomotives.

The train is composed with one or two baby cars linked together. The train follows a designed railway track that can be customized according to customers’ preferences. Together with the railway track, the Baby Beetle Train gives a real experience of trip to the children. They can imagine to go on holiday with their friends or family.

Like every Eurogames’ product, also the “Baby Beetle Train” is a very safe and high quality amusement car. It is equipped with a battery that gives to the train a day of autonomy when is fully charged; there are also 5 safety sensors to avoid crash, automatic brake and 2 electric engines with 200 W of power. The full speed that can be reached by the “Baby Beetle Train” is 5 km/h. For a very perfect experience on the “Baby Beetle Train” you need a minimum area of 3×3 meter with one car and 4×3 with two cars.

Don’t waste other time: catch a train with your friends and enjoy the ride! For other news follow our page on Facebook!

Eurogames draws your dreams like you can’t even imagine them!


Everybody knows that the car is like a dress, defines who we are, which are our’s a sort of first impression that people can make about ourselves. So why it shouldn’t be the same with go karts, amusement rides and kids attractions? This is why Eurogames has invested a lot of his energies to create a very efficient customization department. While walking through the warehouse of the company you can appreciate several full customized cars like one mini London original bus with his characteristic red color and the two floors or the very perfect reproduction of Fred Flinstone car, both designed and produced for two different amusement parks. If you have a dream, with Eurogames you can make it come true: this is the message that the company wants to launch.



All this opportunities are possible thanks to the fact that all stages of processing are made inside the warehouse of Eurogames, including painting: this is one of the company’s strengths.



Entrust your dream to Eurogames is the best way to see them realized thanks to the experience and the attention of details of the company owned by Domenico De Carlo and his two twin sons together with their 17 workers. For other news follow our page on Facebook!


Eurogames style conquers the fields: welcome aboard new tractors!

There is an age, between 3 and 5 years, when children are very attracted by outdoors activities, especially by the variety of country side. Actually among animals, trees and huge spaces in which freely play, who wouldn’t spend some time there?

Surely one of the most catchy attractions of the countryside are tractors: they are the big monsters of fields, they come when there is some problem to solve. “Big works for big cars” this is the main thought that grows inside children’s minds when they first see a tractor coming from the fields.

So, could Eurogames not have a tractor in their boxes? Of course we couldn’t and so we have between our choices not only one kind of tractors but even more. And that’s not all: we are proud of announce that our new model, the one that will be officially present at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris this september.

The new Eurogames tractor exists in two versions: one “Vintage”, with an old and sophisticated touch and the “Modern” one with a more industrial and technological look. Both models have new led lights for a sparkling night driving. They have also two seats for sharing the experience with friends or parents, a motor-wheel-engine that offers superior durability and safety. The battery is remarkable and can be powered up for up to 8 hours. The brake is electric and the maximun speed that it can reach is 10 km/h, of course in total safety with the programmable stop sensors.

With these two new tractors children will able to experience the thrill of the ride while driving the true protagonist of the fields. There is a good reason if every child fall in love at the first sight with a tractor, and Eurogames knows why.

Eurogames combines passion with professionalism: our mini cars, included the new tractors, are built on the basis of this synergy! For other news follow our page on Facebook!