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Learn while having fun with our Driving School for kids

As well as entertain kids with the thrill of the track, Eurogames gives them the opportunity to learn how to drive safely, of course not with real cars but with our battery operated Mini cars.  The Eurogames Driving School System is an educational attraction consisting of specially modified kid cars running on a custom designed […]

Eurogames: the house of amusement rides!

What’s better than working for children and families’ fun? Since 1969 Eurogames team works in the world of amusement rides and kids attractions and has achieved international leadership in the industry of amusement rides thanks to its high-quality manufacturing standards, accurate planning, motivated and qualified team of designers, mechanical and eletronic engineers, sales experts and […]

Mini Cars mean great fun!

  Let’s imagine a sunny early autumn Sunday..Where shall you bring your family to spend some time all together? The perfect combination of being outdoors and having fun could be bring them to a special race. And don’t bother if it starts raining because this kind of amusement could be tried also indoor. But what […]

Kart Games: an amusing history till 1969

Since Nintendo have launched the videogame Mario Kart in the 90’s, real kart games became among the most desirable attraction for children and young adult. Besides playing with the videogame, they also want to feel the real thrill of driving a go kart on the track and test a “good competition” with friends. But the […]

Ride the wave of fun!

There’s no summer without water attractions. And actually there is no funnier water attraction than our bumper boats. With Eurogames bumper boats both children and adults can drive their amusing boats on the water surface. But there’s more: the fun really begins when you start bumping your friends. This is possible in a safety way […]

Super funny animals for young riders!

When you are 3 years old you have to feed your great imagination. What a better way if not riding a zebra while your friends are driving a giraffe or a tiger and you all feel like you are warriors in the forest? We are not mad, we are Eurogames, and we are talking about […]

Bumping with safety and fun!

Every child in the world has dreamed at least once of riding a car while bumping his friends. With Eurogames Mini Bumper Cars dreams come true and they do it in the safest and funniest way with the safe inflatable rubber tube. One-seat Mini Bumper Cars are a great attraction for children between 3 and […]