How to learn to drive a mini bumper car?

How to learn to drive a mini bumper car?


Learning is a fun thing for children. And when it comes to learning by playing, they will be excited to the fullest. Of course, almost every child dreams of driving a car, just like their parents. But as they are too young to do that on the open highway, a mini bumper car is the next best thing to them.

Everything has a first time. Sitting in a mini bumper car for a child means they are on the highway with the steering in their hand. Well, in this case, a joystick. But it still gives them the thrill of driving a car in reality.


Types of Mini Bumper Cars

There are different types of mini bumper cars in the market. However, Eurogames mini bumper cars stand out from all of them. Because they were the first to bring electric motor baby bumper cars to the European market, they are known for their innovative technology, long-lasting batteries and sturdy bodies. They have three bumper car models. Space, Hyper and Ice, each of which come in five different colours. Even then, you have all the customisation options to make the car truly yours.


How to drive a mini bumper car?

Driving a mini bumper car is pretty straightforward. It has an accelerator, a joystick for easy control, and a belt for safety. Just step on the accelerator, and it starts moving forward. It can speed up to 10 km/h, so there is no fear of crashing into a wall. And there is extra protection from the fibreglass body. It is made to bump into one another. The thrills and giggles will make the learning process more enjoyable. There are no playtime limitations to hold back as a rechargeable electric motor comes featured in the bumper car to provide a consistent power supply. Control is done all from the joystick. And some even come with infrared laser pointers for extra fun in tagging other cars.


What do bumper cars have inside the hood?

The bumper car is equipped with 2 batteries, each having 12V of power. It can run around 4-5 hours on a single charge. A token function is included to keep the process smooth. Coupled with the playtime setting between 30-990 seconds, it makes the system even more automatic. So there is no unlimited ride.

With a joystick in hand, the user can control wherever they want to go. The car’s frame is made out of metal, and the outer shell is made from fibreglass. It makes the bumping impact more intense but not too much while protecting the rider and the car itself.


Children’s bumper cars with infrared shooting system

The amusement park vehicle also has built-in music and volume controls to make the ride more entertaining for the children. In addition, the Mini Hyper Bumper car comes with a built-in infrared shooting system, adding an extra layer of excitement. So children can team up and play a game of tag shooting with each other. There is a digital dashboard that displays the number and hits it has taken. Each point a user collects turns into rewards. The more the points, the more rewards a user gets. It is an effective way to learn to drive and have fun for the children.


What else is there to know about kiddie bumper cars?

A general safety guideline will help the children learn about street rules. One day, they will start to drive a car on the highway, so it is better to start from an early age. But bashing into another player on the concrete, asphalt, wood floor or ice, will make them enjoy more along with the learning process. Eurogames has ideas, designs and accessories for every possible mini bumper car ride.

Different types of kiddie bumper cars are available in Eurogames. They are renowned Italian manufacturers for children and teen bumper cars. The spacious double-seaters with the capacity to carry adults makes the learning process easier. Moreover, a parent or adult can easily accompany the child, showing him the navigation first-hand.

The mini bumper cars are the best playing option for children in an amusement park. It is one of their dreams to be in control of such a vehicle. They feel fast and furious with the joystick in their hand. Maybe a force awakened like in Star Wars? They all come with safety belts, so there is very little chance of a fatal accident. Low speed, enhanced by sound and effects, make it more enjoyable for the children, including the first-timers and learners. Once sitting in a bumper car, it will be hard for anyone to make them get out. Choose any model from Eurogames and see the children gather around the bumper car circuit all day around.