The best go kart for kids

The best go kart for kids

Kids have a natural curiosity for the world around them and a lack of fear that allows them to try almost anything, pushing their limits while doing so. Unfortunately, many adults lose the ability to embrace fear, leaving them reluctant to try new things.
That’s why it is so important for children to be given as many opportunities as possible, it doesn’t just help them to become better adults, it can assist them in expending excess energy and discovering their own passions.
One thing that every child should experience is go karting. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as starting the engine and pushing your foot to the floor in order to get around the track as fast as you can. Throw in a little competition and you have the makings of the next Lewis Hamilton!
Whether you’re a parent looking to spoil their child or an amusement venue looking to improve what you currently offer, adding go karts to your repertoire is an excellent way to improve your popularity and potentially make some money on the process.
The trick to getting the best go karts for kids is in the purchasing process.

Selecting The Company

If you’re purchasing go karts for kids in order to add an additional amusement venue to what you already have, you need to choose the supplier carefully.
Your supplier needs to offer you a high level of support and must provide high-quality go karts. The best way to ensure this is the case is to choose a company with a good reputation and one that manufacturers and supplies its go karts itself. This is the safest way of ensuring you’re getting a premium product and all the support you need because the supplier knows the karts inside and out.
That’s why so many people choose Eurogames; a company that has over 50 years’ experience in the industry. It doesn’t just design, build, and supply you with go karts. The company will also give you the necessary support for the design and installation of the go karts, and be always at disposal for the after sales service. That makes them the best choice for go karts for kids, they’re more like a partner than a supplier!

The Karts

Eurogames Go-Karts are battery powered. This is to ensure young kids can enjoy the thrill of go karting safely, zero emissions.
You can choose between single karts, double karts, or even drift karts. They come with a 24v, 780W motor that gives a max speed of 20km/h (12mph). The battery should last between 4 and 6 hours and the body is made of fiberglass, to make it very strong and able to sustain up to around 180kg.
These go karts come with a programmable stop sensor and a coin mechanism that you can set to allow a rider to use the kart for between 10 and 990 seconds. Of course, you can also choose from a selection of colors.
The karts can be run on any smooth surface and they are made to a very high standard, ensuring you’ll get a reliable and worthwhile addition to your amusement park.
The intended age range is from 6 up, although you may find that teenage riders prefer a petrol-powered kart.
There are plenty of companies supply go karts but, if you want an electric kart that is safe and fun for kids, you need to be looking at Eurogames.


The Best Go Karts For Kids

Eurogames Go Kart

These battery-operated karts are designed for amusement venues. They have 780W brushed motors with dual pedals and the option of one or two seats, allowing parents to ride with their child and take control if necessary.
The karts are available in a wide choice of colors, can travel up to 20km/h, and you’ll find you’re fully supported by the company. The batteries last an impressive 4-6 hours of continuous operation!

The selection of go karts for amusement venues is actually surprisingly limited. Although children will have fun in any open-air vehicle, the safest, and therefore best option, for children over 6 and why not also some teenagers, is the Eurogames go kart. It provides power and fun without excessive speed and danger.
If you’re looking at setting up a go kart ride then you need to contact Eurogames today, you’ll benefit from their knowledge and experience, it will help you to create the perfect track for kids to enjoy with the best go karts for kids.
The simplicity of these go karts also means that there is very little to go wrong with them, ensuring the kids have fun and your bottom line stays healthy. When you choose Eurogames you’re not just a customer, you’re choosing to become part of the family.

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