Eurogames: what’s behind the success of his amusing kids and families attractions?

The perfect companion for children but also for adults, this what Eurogames makes from over 50 years. But what’s there behind it? What push the owner family of the company and the seventeen workers at doing better and better every time? What bring them to create every time a new product?

“We care that the car is doing well” with these simple words Nicolas De Carlo, one of the two sons of Fabio De Carlo, the owner of Eurogames, describes the work flow inside the company. Everything inside Eurogames building let you think that the attention of details and the care of families’ amusement are the driving engine of the all work. The old photos of Domenico De Carlo, Fabio’s father and Nicolas and Michael’s grandfather, are hanging everywhere on the walls, old products are exposed and walking through the Eurogames’ corridors is like doing a time travel in the past and relive the long history of the company.

So that’s the point: the link with the past together with the constant will to renew and a pinch of almost maniacal attention to detail. Let’s mix everything together and here it is Eurogames’ winning formula. And the winning word isn’t chosen at random, in fact the efforts and the passion of all Eurogames staff are refund with a worldwide appreciation. As well as achieving international leadership in the industry of amusement rides, Eurogames’ products have won several international awards. Recently the mini car model Beetle have won the award “Best new product” during the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo at Orlando, Florida. The annual exhibition promoted by IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) is the most important of this industry and this award gave more visibility and appreciation to Eurogames. But this doesn’t mean a point of arrival: during this year, only two years after winning the award, the Beetle has been improved by the Eurogames team, with the addition of an easier access that allow the operator to make a much easier maintenance or simply get inside the car, a new sensor system will allow children from 1 to 6 years to have even more safety than before and avoid obstacles. Now there is also the possibility for parents to control their children’s rides with a joystick.

Then constant research of new attractions for kids and families brings Eurogames also to improve their milestones products: only in the two-year period 2018-2020 will come out 7 new models and others will be restyled. The flagship product of this two-year period will be released in september during the IAAPA Attractions Expo Europe in Paris.

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