Eurogames draws your dreams like you can’t even imagine them!


Everybody knows that the car is like a dress, defines who we are, which are our’s a sort of first impression that people can make about ourselves. So why it shouldn’t be the same with go karts, amusement rides and kids attractions? This is why Eurogames has invested a lot of his energies to create a very efficient customization department. While walking through the warehouse of the company you can appreciate several full customized cars like one mini London original bus with his characteristic red color and the two floors or the very perfect reproduction of Fred Flinstone car, both designed and produced for two different amusement parks. If you have a dream, with Eurogames you can make it come true: this is the message that the company wants to launch.



All this opportunities are possible thanks to the fact that all stages of processing are made inside the warehouse of Eurogames, including painting: this is one of the company’s strengths.



Entrust your dream to Eurogames is the best way to see them realized thanks to the experience and the attention of details of the company owned by Domenico De Carlo and his two twin sons together with their 17 workers. For other news follow our page on Facebook!