Eurogames: the house of amusement rides!

What’s better than working for children and families’ fun?

Since 1969 Eurogames team works in the world of amusement rides and kids attractions and has achieved international leadership in the industry of amusement rides thanks to its high-quality manufacturing standards, accurate planning, motivated and qualified team of designers, mechanical and eletronic engineers, sales experts and a solid network of international dealers.

Everybody knows that children’s imagination has no limits and so the goal of Eurogames team is to give them the tools to explore the world of their minds. This is one of the reasons that push Eurogames to design, manufactures and distribute over 1500 units of 100 different products in 7 categories: battery-operated mini cars and bikes, tracks and pools, decorations and settings. From Baby animal cars for children 3 to 6 years old, to Bumper boats for people of every age and perfect for summer fun, every Eurogames’ products give people the funniest amusement rides.

Eurogames has been the first European brand to manufacture bumper cars. All the products of the company and their components are 100% made in Italy in the 54.000 square foot plant and are available worldwide. But Eurogames don’t stop at manufacturing and selling amusement rides, but consult the costumers along every step of the installation process. From the drafting of the project to the installation itself, from the training of the staff to the promotion of the location, Eurogames provides extraordinary post-sale assistance and costumer service that is unparalleled in the industry of vehicles for kids.

The added value of Eurogames amusement rides is that behind every products there is a family that works for other families’ fun: everything started in 1969 by Domenico De Carlo with the production of battery operated cars for kids, then Eurogames has achieved international leadership in the industry of amusement rides. Fabio De Carlo, son of the founder and current managing director, has expanded the company’s outreach and vision by adding new and attractive products with unique features which have made Eurogames well known all over the world. Today, the grandchildren of the original founder, Michael and Nicolas De Carlo, have also entered the Eurogames business to carry on the family tradition and energize the growth of the company with the passion and vision of their generation.

Hence the Eurogames philosophy and long-term goal is to be the leading company in its industry but, above all, to be able to provide a unique experience in the fulfillment of children’s dreams to a universal audience, thanks to the value of its history, the superior quality of its products and the innovative design and style of the Italian tradition in creating amusement park games.

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