Now the adventure is also on the railway track with the new Baby Beetle Train

There is a very big new arrival in the big family of Eurogames baby car! After won the prestigious award “Best new product” during the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo at Orlando in Florida, the Eurogames Beetle becomes also a train.

Yes it’s real, you read well, we said train. To be precise, the correct name is “Baby Beetle Train” and it’s the new Eurogames’ creation is the perfect representation of the company’s philosophy that is focused on sharing amusement rides with friends and family. With Baby Beetle Train every child between 3 and 6 years can experience a ride on the track with one or two locomotives.

The train is composed with one or two baby cars linked together. The train follows a designed railway track that can be customized according to customers’ preferences. Together with the railway track, the Baby Beetle Train gives a real experience of trip to the children. They can imagine to go on holiday with their friends or family.

Like every Eurogames’ product, also the “Baby Beetle Train” is a very safe and high quality amusement car. It is equipped with a battery that gives to the train a day of autonomy when is fully charged; there are also 5 safety sensors to avoid crash, automatic brake and 2 electric engines with 200 W of power. The full speed that can be reached by the “Baby Beetle Train” is 5 km/h. For a very perfect experience on the “Baby Beetle Train” you need a minimum area of 3×3 meter with one car and 4×3 with two cars.

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Eurogames draws your dreams like you can’t even imagine them!


Everybody knows that the car is like a dress, defines who we are, which are our’s a sort of first impression that people can make about ourselves. So why it shouldn’t be the same with go karts, amusement rides and kids attractions? This is why Eurogames has invested a lot of his energies to create a very efficient customization department. While walking through the warehouse of the company you can appreciate several full customized cars like one mini London original bus with his characteristic red color and the two floors or the very perfect reproduction of Fred Flinstone car, both designed and produced for two different amusement parks. If you have a dream, with Eurogames you can make it come true: this is the message that the company wants to launch.



All this opportunities are possible thanks to the fact that all stages of processing are made inside the warehouse of Eurogames, including painting: this is one of the company’s strengths.



Entrust your dream to Eurogames is the best way to see them realized thanks to the experience and the attention of details of the company owned by Domenico De Carlo and his two twin sons together with their 17 workers. For other news follow our page on Facebook!



17 – 19 September 2019 – Paris, France


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Eurogames style conquers the fields: welcome aboard new tractors!

There is an age, between 3 and 5 years, when children are very attracted by outdoors activities, especially by the variety of country side. Actually among animals, trees and huge spaces in which freely play, who wouldn’t spend some time there?

Surely one of the most catchy attractions of the countryside are tractors: they are the big monsters of fields, they come when there is some problem to solve. “Big works for big cars” this is the main thought that grows inside children’s minds when they first see a tractor coming from the fields.

So, could Eurogames not have a tractor in their boxes? Of course we couldn’t and so we have between our choices not only one kind of tractors but even more. And that’s not all: we are proud of announce that our new model, the one that will be officially present at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris this september.

The new Eurogames tractor exists in two versions: one “Vintage”, with an old and sophisticated touch and the “Modern” one with a more industrial and technological look. Both models have new led lights for a sparkling night driving. They have also two seats for sharing the experience with friends or parents, a motor-wheel-engine that offers superior durability and safety. The battery is remarkable and can be powered up for up to 8 hours. The brake is electric and the maximun speed that it can reach is 10 km/h, of course in total safety with the programmable stop sensors.

With these two new tractors children will able to experience the thrill of the ride while driving the true protagonist of the fields. There is a good reason if every child fall in love at the first sight with a tractor, and Eurogames knows why.

Eurogames combines passion with professionalism: our mini cars, included the new tractors, are built on the basis of this synergy! For other news follow our page on Facebook!

Eurogames: what’s behind the success of his amusing kids and families attractions?

The perfect companion for children but also for adults, this what Eurogames makes from over 50 years. But what’s there behind it? What push the owner family of the company and the seventeen workers at doing better and better every time? What bring them to create every time a new product?

“We care that the car is doing well” with these simple words Nicolas De Carlo, one of the two sons of Fabio De Carlo, the owner of Eurogames, describes the work flow inside the company. Everything inside Eurogames building let you think that the attention of details and the care of families’ amusement are the driving engine of the all work. The old photos of Domenico De Carlo, Fabio’s father and Nicolas and Michael’s grandfather, are hanging everywhere on the walls, old products are exposed and walking through the Eurogames’ corridors is like doing a time travel in the past and relive the long history of the company.

So that’s the point: the link with the past together with the constant will to renew and a pinch of almost maniacal attention to detail. Let’s mix everything together and here it is Eurogames’ winning formula. And the winning word isn’t chosen at random, in fact the efforts and the passion of all Eurogames staff are refund with a worldwide appreciation. As well as achieving international leadership in the industry of amusement rides, Eurogames’ products have won several international awards. Recently the mini car model Beetle have won the award “Best new product” during the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo at Orlando, Florida. The annual exhibition promoted by IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) is the most important of this industry and this award gave more visibility and appreciation to Eurogames. But this doesn’t mean a point of arrival: during this year, only two years after winning the award, the Beetle has been improved by the Eurogames team, with the addition of an easier access that allow the operator to make a much easier maintenance or simply get inside the car, a new sensor system will allow children from 1 to 6 years to have even more safety than before and avoid obstacles. Now there is also the possibility for parents to control their children’s rides with a joystick.

Then constant research of new attractions for kids and families brings Eurogames also to improve their milestones products: only in the two-year period 2018-2020 will come out 7 new models and others will be restyled. The flagship product of this two-year period will be released in september during the IAAPA Attractions Expo Europe in Paris.

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Amusement on the track in three simple words: go kart cars!

Eurogames is specialized in the construction and design of go kart cars since 1969. With his 50 years of experience, this family owned business was one of the first to start producing battery operated go kart cars in Italy and nowadays it has achieved international leasership in the industry of amusement rides.


Go kart cars are one of the most famous and appreciated entertainments because they give to children, but also adults, the possibility to have fun while driving on the track, challenging their friends in a totally safe way. The strenght of go kart cars, that let them become so famous, is that they give the possibilities to test drive skills without all the risks of the real streets. Then with a ride on go kart cars the amusement is guaranteed!

Eurogames go kart cars are equipped with a powerful 780W brushed motor and are specially designed for amusement venues like Family Fun Centers and Amusement Parks. Eurogames go kart cars are equipped with accelerator, brake pedals, one ore two seats and can reach a maximum speed of 12mph (20 km/h). For offering long and funny rides, go kart cars have a remarkable battery life thank to which they can powered up to 6 hours. There is a digital timer on wich it has been shown easy set up, playing time, numbers of tokens, elettronic brake and automatic stops. Finally Eurogames go kart cars can run outdoor or indoor so are perfect for all situations and season anche they can also run on a concrete or asphalt trach and any other smooth surface.

Eurogames go kart cars exists in four main models: single or double and normal or drifiting. Normal models have realistic double pedal (accelerator and brake), led lights and one or two seats. Drifting models have drifting wheels in addition. Basic Eurogames go kart cars are avaiable in green, white, blue, red, black and orange. Drifting Eurogames go kart cars are avaible in red, blue, black, white and orange.

So if you like riding on track you defenetely have to try Eurogames go kart cars, 100% made in Italy according to the highest safety and quality standards.

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Summer Holidays 2019

Summer dreams are made of Bumper Boats!

During the summer is clearly better to find a “fresh” way to have fun and the best way is going to acquatic parks. Starting from this, Eurogames’ Bumper Boats surely can change a lot of summer’s experiences around the world specially, but not only, children ones; not only those of children because Bumper Boats are perfect also for adult in fact the act of bumping is really fun also for no longer so young people.

Bumper Boats combine water amusement with challenge between friends in total safety with the inflatable rubber tube that surrounds the car. The proof that Eurogames Bumper Boats are perfect for all ages is that they exist in two version, one basic and one called Mini Bumper Boat for 3-5 years children. And there is even more..You can choose your favourite adventure companion between 11 character models: Splash, Splash Pirate, Splash with water cannon, Willy the whale, the Crazy Polyp, Dolphins, the Funny Duck, Swan, the Happy Bear, Frog, Hippocampi, Galaxy. And then Mini Bumper Boats in 5 attractive characterizations, Crocodile, Panda, Monkey, Ladybug and Tiger. Eurogames can provide full design and construction support for bumper boat pools, themed environments, props and accessories to maximize the appeal of your water attraction and increase the profitability of your investment. And if it is not enough all the boats can be painted and customized according to the customer needs.

So for your summer amusement trust Eurogames that has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of amusement rides and kids attractions. Eurogames battery operated Bumper Boats are 100% made in Italy and certified for use in commercial operations such as water parks, amusements park games, fun centers or open water locations. With their two seats and zero-emission engine, they are the perfect family attraction both for outdoor or indoor facilities. Powered by rechargeable AGM sealed batteries that can power the boat for up to 8 hours, all our Bumper Boats have an exceptionally solid built and can hold up to 150 Kg. They feature a token mechanism and a digital timer which regulates the ride functions, like speed, play time, sound effects and music.

The summer is already begun so why haven’t you yet try a ride on Eurogames Bumper Boats?

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Eurogames turns 50: a world of amusement and family history

Last 23rd May Eurogames has celebrated the 50 years of his history. The company, founded by Domenico De Carlo, launched in the italian market the revolutionary automated battery car for kids. Today, Eurogames exports its amusement all over the world.

The company continues his family history: Fabio De Carlo is currently at the head of the company of the company with his two sons, Nicolas and Michael, by his side, both specialized and linked to the company for several years.

Many customers have decided to reach the Eurogames headquarters in Forlì, consolidating a link between the company and its customers which, in some cases, has lasted for over 20 years. These visits were also occasions for italian and foreign costumers to taste a touch of Romagna.

Even the Mayor of Forlì, Davide Drei, visited the company, testifying to the value it has Eurogames has for the city’s economy. CNA, an association to which Eurogames is associated, has given the company owner and the founder a commemorative plaque that celebrate the important milestone reached.

The event was also an opportunity to present the renewed establishments, which show the complete digitalization of the production processes in 4.0 and the new showroom with the latest models exposed.

A moment of encounter and fun, in which the craftsmanship and flavor of Romagna were the link between the productive and the convivial part. Obviously could not miss romagnolo food on the table with the buffet based on Passatelli, Piadina Romagnola and Sangiovese.

The intense and exciting day ended with the delivery of the plaques to the owner, to loyal employees and, of course, the cake’s cut.

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Eurogames: leader in kids driving experiences!

Do your kids have as idol some of the most famous F1 pilot? Do they spend so much time playing at racing video games? If they are so attracted to the thrill of the track, you definitely have to find the way to get them behind the wheel in the real world. Eurogames created the best driving experience for kids you could imagine: fun and well supervised ways for your sons and daughters to experience different kinds of drive adventures.

We offer a wide-range of driving experiences for kids: from the classic battery-operated go-karts for amusement venues like family fun centers and amusement parks to the funny bumper boats that kids can use to challenge their friends on the water speeding and racing to the last bump!

All our products guarantee a safe driving experience to all children; some of our cars are equipped with two seats to comfortably carry an accompanying adult or two young riders together because sharing the adventure is even more important than living it. Who said that kids have to wait to get their driving licence to enjoy the track? A ride on a mini car, mini bike, big car, go-kart, bumper car or bumper boat can be the best present you can give them for their birthday or to spend a special day together. This kind of amusement could also be a chance to learn something thanks to the Eurogames Driving School System: with this educational attraction, young drivers can experience the thrill of driving while actually learning not only how to get behind the wheel, but also the meaning of road signs and they can even receive their “driving licence”.

With Eurogames kids can have the best driving experience ever while enjoying rides that are 100% made in Italy: in fact, all of our products and all their components are completely produced in Italy in our 6500 square meter factory area in Forlì.

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