Kart Games: an amusing history till 1969

Since Nintendo have launched the videogame Mario Kart in the 90’s, real kart games became among the most desirable attraction for children and young adult. Besides playing with the videogame, they also want to feel the real thrill of driving a go kart on the track and test a “good competition” with friends. But the experience of kart games is very exciting also for adults.

For children, driving is an adult action so they are very excited to take this opportunity. And with Eurogames kart games they can do this in complete safety. The thrill is guaranteed by the motor-wheel-engine that can push the go kart till 20 km/h (12 mph); the safety instead is ensured by the brakes. We have two models of go kart: the standard one that exists with single seat and double seat and then the “double seat drifting” one, all with electric brakes. The three are powered with a battery that has about 4-8 hours of autonomy; this can guarantee a very “no stop” amusement moments. We now also that every child has his preferences so we are equipped with 9 different colors to choose from.

Ok, everything is beautiful but where can you install or find Eurogames kart games? They can run outdoor or indoor on a concrete or asphalt track and any other smooth surface. Eurogames go karts are 100% made in Italy according to the highest safety and quality standards. They are perfect attractions for children over 6 years of age and they deliver a lot of fun in a non-extreme racing environment.

You finally have to trust Eurogames for many reasons and especially because of its long experience in productions of battery operated cars for kids. Everything started in the 1969 with, guess what? A go kart! So it’s been a long time since the first go kart but Eurogames’ wish to entertain children and adults is still the same.

Visit our go-kart page and let us show you all the colorful go kart models or give us a call today at +39 0543 796665!

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EAS – Euro Attractions Show 2018

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