Bumping with safety and fun!

Every child in the world has dreamed at least once of riding a car while bumping his friends. With Eurogames Mini Bumper Cars dreams come true and they do it in the safest and funniest way with the safe inflatable rubber tube. One-seat Mini Bumper Cars are a great attraction for children between 3 and 6 years of age and they are 100% made in Italy, powered by a rechargeable sealed batteries, twin-no belt elects motor and they feature a token mechanism and a digital timer which regulates the ride functions like speed, play time, sound effects and music. Children feel completely free to let their wild spirit comes out while driving with no rules and run into bizarre trials that lead to a chain of crashes that only cause big and innumerable laughs.

You can try the Bumper Cars’ experience everywhere you want because they are designed to run indoor and outdoor on just any smooth surface like concrete, asphalt, wood and also ice. Mini Bumper Cars exist in two basic models – Space and Hyper – but their body can be custom designed and custom painted upon request.

Last but not least, parents can share their children’s fun thoughtless: Eurogames has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of amusement rides and kids attractions and his unique features made it well known all over the world. Safety is also guaranteed by the inflatable rubber tube. These protections wrap the cars so the children can push each other and bounce without crashing hard.

Eurogames can provide full design and construction support for tracks, themed environments, props and accessories to maximize the appeal of your Mini Bumper Car area and the profitability of your investment. The Bumper cars have attractive finish and spacious interiors and the materials used to built them are high quality. So, tell the truth, you look forward to have a ride, don’t you?

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