Eurogames minibike: we make your wishes come true!

How many times, when we were children, we really wanted to ride one of these fast motorcycles on tv, and feel the thrill of their speed?
How much is exciting for a kid to be like one of his riding heroes?
Children from all over the world, and probably their parents too, wish to hop in the saddle of these bikes!
In the age when anything is possible, Eurogames gives to your kids the impossible too: thanks to our long experience and to the new design inspired by racing bikes, it’ll seem like getting on a real motorcycle, on the superbike’s fastest two wheels, obviously baby-sized.
This is possible in total safety: the minibike is characterised by two seats, in order that parents can follow their children into an amazing experience.
Eurogames wants to satisfy kids, and maybe adults, that are race fans. In that direction, we made an esthetic restyle, with sporting appearence and new LED lights,like a real bike’s models.
However, we want every child to be happy: for this reason Eurogames proposes a wide range of double seat mini cars and bikes, different for both models and colours.
We project and produce a big variety of mini cars 100% made in Italy, selling our experience and riding toys in more than 100 countries.

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