Eurogames Bumper Cars: 40 years of fun with a coin


When we think about bumper cars, we are used to imagine nothing more than the evolution of the old cars encountered in the typical Amusement park or in the intinerant amusement park we find in our territories.

You can Ride over six years old and the bumper cars, round in shape, swing in themselves and in every direction, maneuvered by practical joysticks, child-friendly and colliding in absolute safety.:

The children are fascinated by the ease control and the parents are able to let their children show their skill in total safety.

The purpose of the game is to bump into the other driver’s car: the lack of rules and the complete freedom of driving allow little riders to run into bizarre trials that lead to a chain of crashes that only cause big and innumerable laughs.

As matter of fact, the main porpuse of this attraction, that stimulates children’s ability, is to give and take bumps in the funniest way.

The “big assistants” have fun watching their boys’ rides, remembering their own prodigies in their childhood amusement rides even if that probably cost some extra bruise.

Eurogames are reckoned as major entity actively engaged in developing high quality Amusement Bumper Cars. The offered cars are becoming the best selling model for amusement industry, a large number of clients rely on our offered absolutely safe models. Featuring attractive finish and spacious interiors, the Bumper cars are safe for all ages. Further, we use high quality raw materials to develop the sturdy cars.

Features :

  • Powerful electric motor
  • Double seats
  • Easy to ride

Eurogames can provide full design and construction support for tracks, themed environments, props and accessories to maximize the appeal of your Bumper Car area and the profitability of your investment.



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